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Explore Nha Trang’s sea and islands

KHANH HOA – With a diverse ecosystem and beautiful scenery, Hon Mieu, Hon Chong, and Hon Mun fascinate visitors.

Nature favorably bestows Nha Trang with beautiful beaches, bays and many large and small islands with diverse ecosystems. Visitors will see firsthand the coral reefs, immerse themselves in the peaceful space of the fishing village people and experience attractive tourist activities when setting foot on the island.

Hon Mieu is considered the most beautiful island in the bay, located near the mainland with Tranh beach stretching 500m. On one side is white sand, on the other is a shoal with many small pebbles, the sea here is blue all year round, gently sloping, suitable for swimming. Bai Tranh is the venue of a series of sea sports such as jet skis, paragliding, surfing, banana buoys, flyboards… Here tourists can visit Hon Mieu fishing village and immerse themselves in space. peace and enjoy fresh seafood caught by fishermen.

Explore Nha Trang’s sea and islands
A peaceful corner of Hon Mieu. Photo: Khoa Tran

From the center of Nha Trang city, visitors move to Vinh Truong port. Then it takes about 15 minutes to travel by boat and 5 minutes if you choose to travel by canoe to Hon Mieu.

About 7 km from the mainland, Hon Tam Island is located in the southeast of the city. It possesses pristine beauty with green forest carpet, long sandy beach and smooth waves. Hon Tam is a favorite place for tourists who want to find a place to stay. The best time to explore the island is from July to September. There are also adventure games such as jet skis, parachute, flyboard, kayaking… Prices for swimming and sports tours here. ranging from 450,000 to 600,000 VND.

A destination not to be missed when visiting Nha Trang is Hon Chong located on Pham Van Dong street, about 3 km northeast of the city center. The reason for the name Hon Chong is because it possesses a large rock mass with all kinds of stacked shapes running from the high shore to the sea.

Hon Chong is one of the most beautiful places to see the coastal city. Photo: Khoa Tran

Along Tran Phu street, crossing Pham Van Dong overpass, looking to the right, visitors will see a path leading down to Hon Chong. Not far from Hon Chong, there is a smaller rocky outcrop located in the eastern foothills is Hon Vo.

To snorkel and see the coral, visitors can choose Hon Mun , 12km from Cau Da port. With the interference of two hot ocean currents, the island has about 2000 species of coral and more than 1500 species of tropical marine life. Visitors will be able to touch the schools of fish swimming around the coral reefs when participating in a diving tour at a depth of 6-8m for about 600,000 VND.

Monkey Island – Hon Lao is a special attraction. The island has about 1500 monkeys living in the forest. Visitors can see them anywhere when walking on the island. Monkeys on the island are all friendly to humans, visitors should be careful because they often come close to steal food. On the island, there is a circus performance area with the hours of 9:30, 10:30 and 15:15. Ticket price to the island is 144,000 for adults and 72,000 VND for children.

The houses covered with green moss, boats bobbing on the sea are the features that attract tourists of Hon Mot . Coming here, visitors will immerse themselves in the peaceful space of the fishing village, observing the pace of life of fishermen. On the island, there are also many other activities such as shallow diving to see corals, water motor games, glass bottom baskets, parachute canoes…

Yen Island – Hon Noi is a cluster of islands located in Nha Trang Bay, about 25km from Cau Da port. The island is famous for its wild and peaceful beauty. Fine white sand beach, two sides are clear blue sea creating a unique double beach. Here, visitors can also see the whole sea from the top of Du Ha mountain from a height of 200 steps.

Yen Island – Hon Noi attracts tourists thanks to its unspoiled beauty. Photo: Khoa Tran

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