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Hundred-dish snail shop in Nha Trang

KHANH HOA – snail shop But in the Luong Son area 20 years old is a must-visit culinary address when traveling to the coastal city.

Coming to Nha Trang for the first time, if you ask locals where to eat delicious snails, you will be guided to the area of ​​Luong Son fishing village, about 15 km north of the city center. From Tran Phu street, move along the coast along Pham Van Dong street, pass Luong Son pass and stop at Vinh Luong fishing port. From here you find your way to Luong Son market, where there are many snail shops, seafood vermicelli for you to choose from.

Hundred-dish snail shop in Nha Trang
Ms. But and her row of snails, some of which are removed in oxygen by breathing water. Photo: Huynh Nhi

But snail is one of the addresses introduced to visitors by Nha Trang people. The shop has a large space at number 7, Thu Bon Street, Vinh Luong Ward, led by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, or Ms. But, 40 years old, standing in the kitchen, in charge of flavoring the dishes.

Ms. But said that the day before, her mother sold snails on the sidewalk. After her old age, she replaced her mother to manage until now. “In the past, the restaurant only had a few dishes, now there are hundreds. There are about 30 types in this building alone, I process it into many different dishes. The features here are salt-roasted crab claws, fried coconut snails, sucked snails, Snail snails are loved by customers …”, the shop owner introduced.

Burnt fat snails with garlic and seafood fried rice, customers who call the restaurant just started making dishes, so the food is hot, 60,000 VND per portion. Photo: Huynh Nhi

According to her, the reason why snails in Luong Son area are famous is that it is located next to a fishing village, ingredients from the sea are fresh every day, and they are sold at affordable prices. In addition, the road from Nha Trang city center to Luong Son is very beautiful, visitors like to ride motorbikes to admire the scenery, take photos and take a walk, eat more seafood dishes also find it more delicious.

But the secret is in the dipping sauces, suitable for taste, affordable and diverse, so diners love it. When customers order, the restaurant will bring out about 5 different sauces such as soy sauce, garlic fish sauce, ginger chili, mustard, salt and pepper lemon, sweet and sour tamarind sauce, add a plate of raw vegetables and sliced ​​green mango to taste. accompaniment. In particular, the shop serves soft and refreshing mineral water with Khanh Hoa’s own quality.

Fried snail with coconut is loved by diners with rich, fatty spices, adding lemongrass and chili to stimulate the taste, making the dish more attractive. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Mr. Thien Anh, 27 years old, from Ho Chi Minh City shared, many years ago, he was introduced to a snail shop by a Nha Trang friend. But, later when he returned to Nha Trang, he visited this place. “What I’m impressed with is that the restaurant has a bucket of fresh lemonade for customers to wash their hands after eating, does not stick to the smell of seafood, quite delicate. In Ho Chi Minh City, I don’t see this,” he shared and also remembers once. The restaurant forgot the dish at his table, so it took a long time to wait. If you come for the first time, you will also find it quite difficult to find the restaurant.

But the snail shop is open for sale from 9am to about 11pm every day, spacious space. Because it is located far from the city center, you can combine visiting Ba Ho stream during the day. On the way to the snail shop, you will pass a beautiful sea route in Nha Trang, don’t forget to stop to check in at Luong Son Pass.

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