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Tourist details of Thap Ba hot spring

Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa is a convergence of attractive and enchanting tourist sites, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. In particular, here, the health resort combined with Thap Ba hot springs treatment is an attractive tourist destination. Anyone who comes to Nha Trang is also eager to come to this hot tourist spot. 

Nha Trang not only converges attractive tourist attractions with enchanting beautiful scenery, but also has special tourist resorts combining health care services such as Thap Ba hot springs bath. Experience many tourists love when visiting this beautiful coastal city. For first-time visitors, you will definitely wonder many things, so the experience of bathing in Thap Ba mineral spring below will be a useful guide to help you experience more fully. 

Tourist details of Thap Ba hot spring
Bathing in Thap Ba mineral spring is a favorite experience of many tourists coming to Nha Trang. Photo: Blogchitam

About Thap Ba mineral stream of Nha Trang

Thap Ba hot springs bath in Nha Trang Khanh Hoa  is located at 15 Ngo To street, Ngoc Hiep Ward, about 4km north of the center of Nha Trang city. This is not just a small mineral bath but a large tourist complex offering visitors a lot of attractive services and experiences. 

Thap Ba mineral spring tourist area is located right near the center of Nha Trang. Photo: Focus Asia Travel
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Thap Ba hot springs resort Nha Trang attracts visitors with beautiful space, in harmony with nature. As a place that provides resort services and health care, the area here is designed to be very airy, fresh air.

hot springs space is very spacious and blends with nature. Photo:

According to the experience of many tourists bathing in Thap Ba mineral spring , the experience of bathing in mineral springs brings positive effects to health. The combination of mineral mud, mineral water is a wonderful resource deep in the ground to serve the needs of health care, healing or simply relax, relieve stress to bring visitors satisfaction. max. Therefore, Thap Ba hot springs bath is always a hot address in the list of destinations for tourists in Nha Trang.

Mineral spring bath, mineral mud is very good for health. Photo: Halotravel

Experience in Thap Ba mineral spring bath: how to move, check-in time 

Because Thap Ba mineral spring tourist area is located near the center, visitors are very easy to find and can move with a variety of means. You can go by car, m motorbike, taxi …

If you depart from the city center, you will only take about 15 minutes to move, you can go through 23/10 then turn Highway 1C to Ngo Den Street. Right on the way to the mineral springs, you can check-in at Ponagar Tower, a tourist destination typical of Cham culture right on the road.

Ponagar tower is located right on the same road. Photo: @shelliejanvier

It takes about 15 minutes from the city center to the mineral springs. Photo: Travel Home

Thap Ba mineral springs are open from 7:00 am to 19:30 pm on weekdays, but an experience sharing Thap Ba mineral springs is shared by many people, the best time to check-in here is from 9am to 10am morning or from 17:00 to 18:00. 

Outstanding experiences at Thap Ba hot springs 

Thap Ba mud bath  

According to Thap Ba mineral spring bath experience shared by many people, this is the most famous service in this tourist area. Mineral mud is very beneficial for health with effects such as anti-inflammatory, helps blood circulation, relaxes, cures insomnia or detoxifies, exfoliates … Therefore mud bathing is a definite experience.

Do not miss when coming here. You can use the service from affordable to high-end depending on your needs, if you go crowded you can choose a mud bath to save costs. Each group has its own swimming pool, soaking time is about 15 minutes for mineral mud and 30 minutes for natural mineral water. 

Mineral mud bathing is the most popular experience at the mineral springs. Photo: @letsflynhatrang

Swimming pools, waterfalls and hydrotherapy 

This is the experience that many tourists choose when coming to Thap Ba mineral spring. Take a dip in the hot mineral stream, then relax at the jacuzzi to feel each natural massage stream at the hydrotherapy bath or stand still under a waterfall, catch the water jets pouring down from above. Like a body massage will help you relax your body and regain your full energy. 

Swimming pool and waterfall in the mineral springs are very beautiful and quality. Photo: Klook

Vip Spa services 

With this service, you will be taken care of with specific treatments, you can take a jacuzzi bath, soak in a mineral mud bath and include medicinal herbs, then take a Sauna and Steambath bath and massage. This service also includes fruits, snacks and also a salon and hair salon service at the Barber shop which is extremely interesting. 

The VIP Spa service offers many great experiences. Photo: @thaopau_

Soak luxury mineral mud in a private room 

If you want to enjoy your private space, you can choose this service to relax. Duration of service is 3 hours with mineral mud baths, hot mineral water baths or hydrotherapy baths.

With a high-quality mineral mud soaking service, visitors will enjoy more health values. Photo: @sladkii_babalex

Sauna and Massage 

Sauna and massage services at Thap Ba mineral spring are very popular because it brings complete comfort and relaxation to the body after journeys of experience and discovery. With this service, you will have a foot massage, body massage and sauna on demand. 

Massage and sauna services at the mineral springs are also very attractive. Photo: Toplist

In addition to the highlights on the service experience Thap Ba hot springs bathing in Nha Trang you should know is here also provides a lot of other quality services, you may be spoiled for choice on demand. 

Ticket price Thap Ba hot springs bath in Nha Trang 

Depending on the service you use, the applicable fare will be different. For a group bath, the ticket price will be 150,000 VND for an adult and 70,000 VND for a child. With more advanced services such as wooden bath, the ticket price from 400,000 VND to 1,600,000 VND applies to from 1 to 8 people. If you want to have a completely separate space, you can choose the VIP packages from 1,800,000 VND to 4,400,000 VND. 

The fare depends on the service you use. Photo: @rejina_solavenue

In particular, the hot springs area often implements attractive promotions many times of the year, so hunting for promotions is also the experience of bathing in Thap Ba mineral springs you should apply to save costs. 


Notes to remember when bathing in Thap Ba mineral spring 

First, you should pay attention to store electronic items such as phone, camera in personal cabinets to avoid being lost or lost in the mud bath. For women, it is best to tie your hair in a neat, high bun to avoid mud getting on your hair. In terms of outfits, swimwear and bikini should be chosen to increase the contact area when soaking in mineral mud. 

Before using the service you should not exercise vigorously or overeat it because it will cause discomfort in the shower. Also, it is best not to use stimulants such as alcohol, beer, or tobacco during the bath. 

Should wear swimwear, bikini to increase the area of ​​skin contact when soaking. Photo: Toplist

For people with open wounds, absolutely do not bathe or soak in mineral mud. People with a history of high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease should soak in mineral mud for up to 15 minutes. 

These experiences of bathing in Thap Ba mineral spring above will be a useful information guide for those who are looking to experience a hot springs bath while traveling in Nha Trang. Come, experience and enjoy, relax your body with the best health care services to have a refreshed spirit, an energetic body during your trip. 

Photo: Internet 

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