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Trekking follows the sun, the first place to catch the sun in the East Pole

Nowadays, life in big cities causes many pressures for people, from noisy traffic to construction and commercial activities. These sounds have caused stress, anxiety and affect human health.

Therefore, the need to find a peaceful, pure and unspoiled place is gradually becoming popular and favored by many people. The East Pole Tour is currently the ideal itinerary for those who love the sea.

The first place to catch the sun in Vietnam

The easternmost point on the mainland of Vietnam is in the territory of Mui Doi, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, with coordinates 12˚39'0" North latitude - 109˚28'0" East longitude. Mui Doi is located south of Ca Pass, about 530km from Ho Chi Minh City and about 100km from Nha Trang City. Trekking Mui Doi is becoming a new trend to explore nature and enjoy the outdoor life of many young people.

Tran Thi Lan Anh (28 years old) – a trekking enthusiast from Hanoi, has a strong passion for exploring and conquering wild nature. Not just simply watching, Lan Anh always yearns to experience the natural rhythm of life when preparing to embark on exciting journeys. This time she chose the Eastern Pole for her journey.

"I feel very excited before the trip. Khanh Hoa is a beautiful and majestic land, welcoming us with wild landscapes and interesting experiences. I feel that our Vietnam is too beautiful."

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Experience trekking at the Eastern Pole

Lan Anh's group went about 20 people. These people are passionate about trekking, discovering nature, and going beyond themselves. Before the experience, the group will take attendance and make a schedule.

Lan Anh shared that the delegations should contact tourist services or local guides to set schedules and support services after determining the right time. Choose a reliable and experienced tour company to organize trekking to ensure the best safety and experience for the group. The company will contact and guide the team members to prepare all necessary equipment and note when participating in the trekking tour.

The trekking tour goes through 4 terrains: Sand Dunes, a long coastline, a mountain pass, and Da Nhay rapids.

Terrain 1: Sand Dunes

This is considered a day-long walking tour, a form of outdoor adventure tourism in wild places. Walking through the dunes is one of the difficult points to conquer when the road is long, passing through the hot dunes for kilometers.

The road from Dam Mon with 4km of sand hill road, including about 2km of hot sand, then 6km of steep rocky mountain road; Lan Anh's group had to overcome 4 mountains, including Cat Tham, Co Ong, Suoi Shrimp, and Bai Rang.

"We had to go under the hot sun to cross the dunes. The sand was very shallow, quite difficult, and it took our strength to walk. But the more we went, the open skies determined us to overcome, give us strength and steadfastness in her heart," Lan Anh said.

After more than 1 hour of challenging themselves with hot sand, the group saw the sea. This is where the second terrain begins.

Terrain 2: Long coast

The beach here is truly a beautiful sight, making the group unforgettable. The sea's clear blue blends with the deep blue sky, creating a majestic natural picture. Looking at the fine white sand and listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore, a sense of peace and tranquility pervades each member.

"It feels like a miracle to see the sea now. The coast here reminds us of forever; it is clear and blue. The waves hit the shore with each big wave. The whole group excitedly ran into the sea to cool off the foot and continued walking to a hut for a snack".

After the group rested, the members continued to experience the third terrain.

Terrain 3: Crossing the forest across the stream

The next road, mainly forest and mountain roads, is more than 8km long from the campsite, which is very tiring. In exchange for tired footsteps, you can see the mountains and forests wild and green natural scenery.

The terrain of the forest crossing the mountain impressed Lan Anh and the rest of the group because there were dense forests close to the coast. The group followed the trails and paths marked by water bottles because the trees here grow very well, and it is easy to lose track of the way.

In the group, many people began to feel discouraged at this challenging journey. But everyone is always encouraging each other to keep going.

Going about half of the way, the group will take a lunch break and, in the early afternoon, will continue to cross the forest and the mountain the rest of the way. The view from above looks down; the coast stretches endlessly like a soft green silk fabric.

Arriving at Rang Beach, the group will camp and spend the night there. Bai Rang has no wifi or phone waves, restaurants or hotels, people to live in, or water. The tour will include transporting fresh water, food, and tents for the group.

Around 3:30 a.m. the next morning, while it was still dark, the group got up and prepared for the final challenge of the journey, the final terrain.

Terrain 4: Da Nhay Rapids

The distance from Bai Rang to Mui Doi is only a few hundred meters, but it will take more than 1 hour to overcome the dangerous rapids. Jumping, crawling, and sliding over the rocks is arduous; the members must bring flashlights because it's only early morning, and shoes and gloves need a good grip.

The last "pass" to touch Mui Doi - the East Pole is to cling to the rope ladder to climb the largest rock and reach more than 7m high. The group is equipped with safety ropes, and the tour leaders help all members climb safely.

Lan Anh recalls, "Climbing up to the place, touching the pole, I felt proud; the scenery here overwhelmed me. We sat and waited for the sun to rise gradually. Welcoming the first rays of the sun of the Father. The country makes me feel happy, proud and looking back on the way I've come. All of them were memorable experiences and worth the difficulties we overcame."

The adventurous and challenging trekking trip to Mui Doi by the Lan Anh delegation was an extremely memorable adventure. The whole team has overcome difficulties and challenges themselves. Most importantly, they have received the first sunlight when it shines on the Fatherland.

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