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Millennial Couple Finds Joy in Retro Wedding Photoshoot Capturing Vietnam's Subsidy Era

A millennial couple in Ho Chi Minh City recently went viral online after sharing photos from their uniquely retro-styled wedding photoshoot which paid homage to Vietnam's bygone subsidy period.

According to Wedding Photographer Huy Tran who worked on the project, the shoot was conceptualized and styled by Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Anh Ho Khanh, who had long envisioned bringing to life vintage Vietnamese wedding costumes and aesthetics from the subsidy era but had yet to find the right couple.

When Tran connected Ho Khanh with young engaged pair Le Dinh Minh Ngoc and her Australian fiancé Anthony Huynh, both in their late 20s and working in television in HCMC, Ho Khanh saw the perfect muses to breathe new life into her subsidy-era wedding vision.

For the photoshoot, Ho Khanh transported Ngoc back to the subsidy period of the 1960s-80s through her styling. She dressed Ngoc in an authentic antique white Áo dài with carefully coiffed upswept hair adorned with orange blossoms, a classic vintage bridal look.

For Huynh, Ho Khanh outfitted him in a period-appropriate charcoal Western suit with narrow lapels and tapered trousers to match his bride. Small intentional modern updates like eye makeup in brown tones rather than the seafoam shades typical of the era added just the right dash of contemporary flair.

According to Ngoc, it was initially strange transforming into a different identity through period costuming and styling. Though acquainted with traditional Vietnamese aesthetics, actually inhabiting the subsidized past through fashion was an unfamiliar experience.

For Huynh who was raised overseas, everything about the subsidy-era wedding aesthetic was entirely foreign. However, both found the process fun and appreciated gaining deeper insight into their families’ histories through stylized retro representation.

The photoshoot took place in the days leading up to this year's Lunar New Year celebrations. With most already busy preparing for Tet festivities, the couple and photographers were grateful for friends and crew who prioritized helping capture these special pre-wedding photos.

Tran noted that the shoot's location at the public Hoa Binh Culture Center in District 10 added an authentic slice-of-life feel. Passersby could curiously observe from a distance as a bygone bridal scene unfolded before them in full view.

According to Ngoc, figuring out how to authentically pose and emote like a subsidy-era bride was the most challenging aspect beyond costuming. But with help from the crew, she felt able to act the part in a way that felt natural.

Ngoc enjoyed surprised and admiring looks from onlookers who paused to view the photoshoot unfold. For her, it was rewarding to kindle curiosity and interest in preserving meaningful aspects of Vietnamese cultural heritage through creative reinterpretation.

While some aspects of the past cannot be revisited, the couple hopes their retro-style photos can help maintain appreciaton for treasured traditions and the hardships of prior generations. Their photos offered a unique glimpse into history among today's deluge of modern wedding trends.

Following the shoot, images of Ngoc and Huynh's subsidy-inspired bridal portraits garnered widespread buzz online. Many praised the pair for their innovative nod to nostalgia and Vietnamese roots.

Photographer Tran reflected that amid waves of homogenized global wedding aesthetics, Ngoc and Huynh's subsidy-era session stood out as a refreshing departure that embraced local cultural specificity. Their vision felt timely and significant.

Makeup artist Ho Khanh was also thrilled by the positive response. She had long dreamed of seeing her subsidy-era wedding concepts come to life and was gratified they found the right subjects and platform for debut in Ngoc and Huynh.

According to Ngoc, it was fulfilling for their special pre-wedding photoshoot concept to gain traction and appreciation from the public. While their actual wedding celebrations will observe modern traditions, the retro session allowed exploring cultural curiosity and connection in a meaningful way.

For those curious about Vietnamese cultural history or fans of nostalgia aesthetics worldwide, Ngoc and Huynh's subsidy-inspired bridal photos offer a rare glimpse into the past with beauty, creativity and care. Their innovative shoot proves history remains endlessly inspiring through new generations' fresh perspectives.

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