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Former child singing star Xuân Mai now living a humble life in the US with 3 kids and limited income

Xuân Mai, once dubbed as the "music prodigy" in the late 1990s in Vietnam, is now living a modest life in Ohio, United States with her husband and three young children. According to her father, famous singer Tuấn Cảnh, Xuân Mai now works at a bank and has been struggling financially to support her family in America.

Xuân Mai was born in 1995 into a musical family. She showed great talent in singing from a very young age and began performing professionally at just 2 years old. In the late 1990s, Xuân Mai became an instant star in Vietnam with hit songs for children like "Little Crow", "Brown Ant" and "Little Pig". At the peak of her career as a child star, she released over 30 albums and attracted thousands of fans to her concerts. 

However, her singing career was cut short when her family immigrated to the US when she was only 7 years old to further her education. Although Xuân Mai attempted to pursue music in America and Europe with a few solo concerts, she failed to achieve the same level of success and popularity. Without strong financial support, she decided to focus on her studies.

After graduating from high school, Xuân Mai worked various jobs to support herself. In 2015 at the age of 20, she got married and started a family of her own. Since then, her life has become much more challenging according to her father Tuấn Cảnh.

Xuân Mai now has three young children under the age of 10 and works at a bank to support her family with limited income. Taking care of three kids as a young mother while working full-time has placed tremendous pressure on her. Her father Tuấn Cảnh, who remains close to Xuân Mai, has tried his best to help financially whenever she's in need.

Despite the hardships, Xuân Mai remains grateful for what she has. She tries not to burden her father with her struggles and remains optimistic. Her children are being raised bilingual - they can speak both Vietnamese and English fluently even though they were born in America. Although no longer actively performing, music remains an important part of Xuân Mai's life. She still enjoys singing at home for her own enjoyment and to pass on the musical traditions to her kids.

Looking back, while Xuân Mai's singing career did not last long, she is remembered fondly in Vietnam for her contributions to children's music in the 90s. Even today, many of her hit songs from that era remain popular among Vietnamese children. Despite facing many challenges abroad, Xuân Mai has accepted her current simple life focusing on family. Her resilience and humility serve as an inspiration for many.

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