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Travel Hon Ngang Nam Du immersed in the wild and magical beauty

Hon Ngang Nam Du is known for its wild beauty, attracting visitors at first sight. If you are looking for a peaceful place, enjoy the summer sunshine with the taste of the sea, come to Hon Ngang to explore this famous place. 

Where is Hon Ngang Nam Du?

Among the small islands in the Nam Du archipelago, Hon Ngang has the most beautiful, rich, and populous landscape. On the island, there are more than 900 households living mainly with fishing and aquaculture. You will be immediately impressed with the floating fish cages, the large grouper, and the grouper when you arrive at Hon Ngang in Kien Giang.

Why is there the name Hon Ngang? That is because there is this small island with a quite special structure, although observed in many different directions, one can still see that the island seems to be horizontal. Hon Ngang Nam Du has a wild natural beauty with rich seafood. That is why this island is considered the first choice when visitors to Nam Du.

To move to Hon Ngang, first of all you need to take a high-speed train to Nam Du Island. Then, depart from the central point of Hon Lon, take the train about 30 minutes to reach the beautiful Hon Ngang. Note, each day there will be two trains serving tourists from Hon Lon to Hon Ngang Temple departing at 7am and 15pm. You should know the train schedule so that you do not have to wait long or delay the train time. If you go to Hon Ngang on weekends or holidays, you should call to book the train at least 2-3 days in advance to avoid running out of tickets.   

Travel Hon Ngang Nam Du immersed in the wild and magical beauty

Admire the beauty of Hon Ngang

Admire the beauty of Hon Ngang Nam Du

Hon Ngang has a larger seaport for ships and boats than other islands, located in the center of Nam Du Island and the waves here are very smooth. Hon Ngang wharf is always as busy as the beach. Clear blue beach with whispering waves, smooth white sand.

The most impressive thing to visitors when coming to Hon Ngang is the rocky rapids. Rock rapids have unique shapes, created by nature. Bai Bac and Chuong beach are two areas with the most rocky rapids on the island. You will be impressed forever and just want to be by the peaceful, unspoiled beach. Hon Ngang is like a harmonious and very vivid picture of nature.

Hon Ngang in Nam Du Island is a favorite destination of many tourists. Photo: halotravel

What to play at Hon Ngang Nam Du?

Bathing, virtual living check-in, watching the sunset … are great experiences that you should not miss when coming to Hon Ngang on Nam Du Island . 

Go to the beach

Traveling to Hon Ngang Nam Du in the summer, the sultry sun makes you just want to immerse yourself in the cool blue water and watch the blue sky, white clouds. What is better than being immersed in the cool water above at Hon Ngang, relaxing and relaxing with the landscape and heaven here. 

Relaxing bathing on Hon Ngang Island. Photo: vntrip

Watching sunset at Ngang island

Sunset at Hon Ngang at Nam Du Island is a moment that you should not miss. The red sun slowly swooped down the sea surface, the blue water turned dark blue. At this time, the landscape is extremely beautiful and romantic and is also an ideal time for you to live virtual super beautiful pictures. 

Enjoy the romantic sunset on Hon Ngang Island. Photo: tripnow

Enjoy the night view at Hon Ngang

The most beautiful in Hon Ngang is the scene at night. Bright spots from Big Island, and near red islands create a fanciful night picture. At this time you can walk around the beach, breathe the fresh air and mingle with the beautiful tranquil night landscape. 

Stroll and watch the beautiful sea at night at Hon Ngang

Have fun at Hon Ngang

The center of Hon Ngang Nam Du concentrates quite a lot of shops, department stores, entertainment services such as coffee, billiards … In addition, you can also visit the shrine of Ba Chua Xu, to learn about construction architecture, cultural beliefs of the people here. 

Eat and drink when coming to Hon Ngang Nam Du Island

Grilled green fish with banana sheaths

Grilled green fish with banana kernels is a unique dish of Hon Ngang. These fish are also known as amphibians because they have a pointed beak and long, round body. The length of bony green fish can reach both a yard and a weight of up to 2-3 kg each. They are called bony blue fish because of their blue skin color and their bones also glow green.

Grilled green fish with banana sheaths

Freshly caught fish will be cleaned of the oil on the outside. Princess mother is covered with a string wrapped carefully. The group cooks the firewood, bakes it when the banana kernels are wilted, and the fish is ready to dry. Just open the banana tree and you will feel the aroma of the fish. Delicious grilled fish meat, rolled with rice paper, adding a little fresh green forest vegetables such as pineapple, cabbage …, no matter how gourmet guests are, they must commend.

Grilled scallops with onion oil

Grilled scallop with onion fat is an irresistible delicacy. The meat is thick, white and fragrant, and is not chewy. You can stir-fry the scallops or roast them. There are many nutritious delicacies, not difficult to process with the main ingredient is scallops. In addition to grilled scallops with onion oil you can also cook roasted scallops with salt and pepper, steamed with vermicelli ..

Egg squid steamed with ginger

Many people love to eat squid and eggs. Often during the spawning season, a lot of squid eggs are caught at Hon Ngang Nam Du . The percentage of eggs with squid reaches 70%. This squid is rich in nutrients, can be processed into many delicious delicacies. You can cook fried squid with chili, fried in butter or grilled with chili sauce, and grilled with satay. Steamed squid with ginger is the most popular and easiest dish to make and is also a favorite dish for visitors.

Egg squid steamed with ginger

Sour soup with sea fish

Cobra farming in cages is very popular in Hon Ngang area, Nam Du island. Cobia has a long diamond shape, black body looks like snakehead fish but much larger. 

Cobia Sour Soup is a unique delicacy with a unique flavor of the West Coast of Kien Giang, nowhere has such a taste. Often people cook with fresh tamarind, or use salted tamarind with minced lemongrass, saffron is stabbed. Fresh bamboo shoots are also added, and sour bamboo shoots are also added to enhance the flavor.

Dried fish

Fishermen use the drying method to store food that has not been spoiled for a long time. No need to be fussy in drying fish, just take advantage of the sun. The fish is dried from fresh and delicious fish, so the quality of the dried fish is also very delicious and attractive.

Come to Nam Du, do not forget to visit Hon Ngang to feel the poetic and rustic beauty of the island with a small peaceful fishing village and hospitable fishermen. Surely your trip will have many memorable memories at this beautiful Hon Ngang Nam Du . 

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