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Traveling to Ha Tien to admire the unique architecture of Tam Bao Pagoda and enjoy the tranquil scenery

Ha Tien tourism is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and landscapes but also attracts visitors to temples with unique architecture. Among them is Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda, a favorite destination for many tourists today.

Where is Tam Bao Pagoda in Ha Tien?

Tam Bao Pagoda is located at 328, Group 2, in Ao Sen Hamlet, Phuong Thanh Street, Binh San Ward, Ha Tien City. This temple is also known as Tieu pagoda and was ordained by the Nguyen Dynasty as Sac Tu Tam Bao Tu. The entire temple has a total area of ​​2.5 hectares. Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda has become a tourist attraction with its unique architecture and beautiful and pure natural landscape. If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Tien, once visit this famous temple to admire and admire the scenery. 

Traveling to Ha Tien to admire the unique architecture of Tam Bao Pagoda and enjoy the tranquil scenery
Tam Bao Pagoda is a tourist attraction in Ha Tien

How to get to Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda? 

Tam Bao Pagoda is about 1km from the center of Ha Tien town, so it is very convenient for travel. To visit this temple, you first need to move to Ha Tien by various means of transport such as passenger cars, motorbikes. From the center of Ha Tien, you go west to Nguyen Phuc Chu Street -> go through the roundabout and turn into Vo Van Y -> turn right at Studio Happy -> Pham Van Ky street -> turn left at the noodle shop – noodle soup Nam Vang Nam Cua -> go in the direction of Chi Lang Street -> turn left at Trung Hieu electronics store and enter Phuong Thanh, you will see the temple on the left. 

Or you can also go in the direction of 28 or Tran Hau and Phuong Thanh, but about 400m further. If you don’t know the way, you can ask the locals or look it up on google maps, it’s easy to find.

How to get to Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda? 

Learn the history of Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda 

Before visiting Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda , you should also take the time to learn a little about the history of this temple. According to the book Mac Thi Gia Pha, a mandarin under the Ming Dynasty named Mac Cuu left his hometown to go to Southeast Asia. Tam Bao Pagoda was built by Mac Cuu in 1730 with the purpose of making room for his mother to practice in the last years of her life. After a while of her mother’s death, he ordered a statue of her to be cast in metal to worship and cast a common rose. 

Learn the history of Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda 

In 1753 Mac Cuu died, his son replaced his father as an admiral and knew the poem Tieu Tu Than Chung to talk about the beauty of Tam Bao Pagoda. Up to the present time, Tam Bao Ha Tien pagoda has experienced 19 different abbots. From 1974 until now, the pagoda has been abbot by nun Thich Nu Nhu Hai.     

Remnants of Tam Bao Pagoda

Admire the unique architecture of Tam Bao Pagoda 

What does Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda have? Visiting this famous temple in Kien Giang , visitors will admire the unique architecture and sightseeing of the pagoda. Since its construction until now, Tam Bao Pagoda has undergone many restorations and now only traces remain at the city wall. 

Natural space in Tam Bao pagoda campus

The first time the pagoda was restored was in 1930 under the monk Phuoc An was the abbot. The second time, nun Nhu Hai repaired some works in the temple’s premises. Although the current temple is no longer kept intact as it was originally, it still retains its distinctive features along with the walls of the Tam Hop lake. 

The main hall of Tam Bao Pagoda

At present, in Tam Bao pagoda, there is still a bronze statue of Amitabha Buddha and a big rose under Mac Cuu’s reign. The area of ​​the temple’s Buddha hall is decorated with dignity, with the two sides being statues of Bodhisattva Dai The Chi and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Next is the courtyard area in front of the temple door, which is the area to hang pictures of Buddha statues and the room to distribute scriptures. In front of the gate of Tam Bao pagoda, put a couplets written in Chinese characters.     

The Buddha statue is located on the temple grounds

Visiting Tam Bao Ha Tien pagoda , visitors can burn incense and pray. Then walk around the temple grounds to admire the scenery and enjoy the fresh and pure atmosphere here. If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Tien, you should once visit this famous temple to learn and enjoy the beautiful scenery here. 

The area where the statue is placed in the Tam Bao temple campus

Visit other famous temples in Ha Tien

It only takes you about half an hour to visit and sightsee Tam Bao Pagoda. So, if you have time, you can combine visiting other famous temples in Ha Tien such as: 

Phu Dung Pagoda: Located on Binh San mountain, Ha Tien is famous for its ancient and sacred beauty. In the campus of Phu Dung Pagoda, there is a large Buddha statue that attracts tourists to visit. Visiting Phu Dung Ha Tien Pagoda, visitors will admire the sacred ancient architecture and the beautiful Binh San Mountain nearby. 

Combine to visit Phu Dung Pagoda

– Lo Gach Pagoda: Located at the foot of Binh San Mountain, also known as Phat Da Pagoda. The reason why it is called Lo Gach Pagoda is because this temple was built from a small retreat located on the foundation of a brick kiln. Visiting Lo Gach Pagoda, visitors will admire the harmonious combination of traditional and modern architecture, along with the pure natural landscape. 

– Big Buddha Temple: Also located in Binh San ward, Ha Tien city with more than 400 years of history. Big Buddha Temple has a spacious campus with many beautiful ornamental plants on display. This temple belongs to the sect of the Khmer people living in Ha Tien, becoming a tourist attraction today. 

Big Buddha Temple is located near Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda

Notes when going to Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda

Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda  is a sacred place, so when visiting you need to note a few things: 

– Dress modestly and speak softly when burning incense and praying. 

– Absolutely do not arbitrarily climb on the statue or pick trees, break branches in the temple premises.

– Do not arbitrarily take photos at unauthorized places in the temple. 

– If you want to learn more about the history of the Tam Bao temple, you can meet the nun in the temple. 

Tam Bao Ha Tien Pagoda is a famous spiritual tourist destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit here. Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have a complete visit to this famous temple. See more: Ha Tien travel experience

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