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Famous temples in Tay Ninh must come once

Besides the beautiful landscapes, Tay Ninh also attracts tourists with spiritual tourist sites. In which, there are sacred temples and ancient architecture. So which are the famous temples in Tay Ninh that you already know?

Famous temples in Tay Ninh 

Here are the famous temples in Tay Ninh that attract tourists to visit that you can refer to: 

1. Ba Den Temple

First of all, Ba Den Pagoda is the most famous temple in Tay Ninh that attracts tourists to visit. Ba Den Pagoda is also known as Linh Son Tien Thach Tu or Ba Tay Ninh Pagoda. This temple in Tay Ninh is located on the top of Ba Den mountain, known as the “Roof of the South”. The temple was built in the 18th century with an age of more than 300 years.    

Ba Den Pagoda stands out with its harmonious architecture with two blue stone columns in the front street carved with a winding dragon shape. The main hall area has a large area and worships the golden painted lacquer and the 2.5m high statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. Especially, the statue of Ngoc Linh Son Thanh Mau weighs up to 240kg and is exquisitely carved. Ba Den Pagoda is located in the midst of majestic mountain scenery and becomes a destination to attract pilgrims in the early spring. If you come to Ba Den Pagoda in the early spring, you will be able to participate in the Ba Den festival which is held on the 4th, 5th and 6th day of the 5th lunar month.

Famous temples in Tay Ninh must come once
Ba Den Pagoda is famous and sacred in Tay Ninh

2. Tay Ninh Cave Temple

Referring to the famous temples in Tay Ninh, it is impossible to ignore Hang Pagoda, also known as Linh Son Long Chau Pagoda. To move to the temple, visitors need to climb more than 100 steps and admire the beautiful panorama of the temple. Hang Pagoda was built in 1830 and repaired in 1995. At present, Hang Pagoda still has memorials for the soldiers who heroically sacrificed themselves in the resistance war against the US.  

In 2020, Hang Pagoda will be built with a cable car station and look like a Buddhist temple. Visiting the temple, visitors will admire the unique architecture and pure scenery. So, if you have the opportunity to travel to Tay Ninh , you should once visit this ancient and sacred temple.

Tay Ninh Hang Pagoda attracts tourists

3. Linh Son Pagoda Hoa Dong

Linh Son Hoa Dong Pagoda, also known as Hoa Dong Pagoda, is a famous spiritual site and tourist attraction in Tay Ninh. To visit this Tay Ninh temple , visitors need to follow the steps on the side of the temple and follow the signposts. The temple stands out with its wooden architecture and has a verdant natural space that attracts tourists for sightseeing.

Hoa Dong Pagoda has an isolated location in a corner of the majestic Ba Den mountain range . The temple has a large area of ​​200m2 and is designed with wooden materials and roofs covered by forest trees to bring a fresh natural space. From the top of the temple visitors will admire the beautiful majestic mountain view.

Linh Son Hoa Dong Pagoda has a unique architecture and attracts other tourists when coming to Tay Ninh

4. Quan Am Pagoda

Quan Am Pagoda is a famous temple in Tay Ninh that stands out with the highest position among the temples in Ba Den mountain. The pagoda, also known as Ba Co Cave, has a unique architecture with large and colorful stone slabs. Around the temple, there is a system of murmuring streams creating a beautiful scene. 

To visit Quan Am Pagoda, visitors need to climb more than 100 steps and have a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Quan Am Pagoda worships the sacred Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, chosen by many tourists for sightseeing. In particular, at the beginning of the new year, Quan Am Pagoda attracts a large number of tourists to visit and pray for good luck. 

Quan Am Pagoda is a famous spiritual place in Tay Ninh

5. Linh Son Phuoc Trung Pagoda

Linh Son Phuoc Trung Pagoda, located below Ba Den Mountain, has typical Buddhist architecture and stands out with relief decorations and curved roofs. The temple attracts visitors with its spacious grounds and striking colorful painted pavilions. The main area of ​​the temple is the majestic statue of Quan Am. In addition to the worshiping halls, Linh Son Phuoc Trung Pagoda also has an lecture hall that is a teaching place for Buddhist monks and nuns.

Linh Son Phuoc Trung Pagoda has a spacious campus

6. Go Ken Pagoda

Another famous temple in Tay Ninh that you should not miss is Go Ken Pagoda located on National Highway 22B, Long Thanh Trung Commune, Hoa Thanh District, Tay Ninh Province. Go Ken Pagoda is also known as Thien Lam Pagoda – the first temple built in Tay Ninh by the Most Venerable Thich Tri Luong. At first, Go Ken Pagoda was a small and wild am, then was built solidly with the present appearance. 

At present, Go Ken pagoda still retains the common red drum and thunder drum and wooden Buddha statues. Every year, Go Ken Pagoda organizes meaningful charity programs and social activities. Not only known as a sacred temple, Go Ken Pagoda is also a virtual living place that attracts visitors.

Go Ken Pagoda not only attracts tourists for sightseeing, but also has a beautiful virtual living space. Photo: vinpearl

7. Tay Phap Pagoda

Also known as the Korean temple, it attracts a large number of tourists and young people to visit whenever they have the opportunity to come to Tay Ninh. The pagoda was built with a fresh natural setting, which is trees, grass and flowers. The highlight of Tay Phap Pagoda is the cherry blossom garden with all colors and wooden houses with ancient Korean architecture. Together with the river and bamboo bridge, create a beautiful backdrop for check-in virtual living. 

When visiting Tay Phap pagoda, tourists should rent costumes to take pictures as a souvenir. Tay Phap Pagoda is also a place that regularly organizes Dharma lectures, meditation sessions, missionaries or picnic retreats that attract a large number of tourists from near and far.

Tay Phap Pagoda has a picturesque scene

Above are the famous temples in Tay Ninh that are loved by many tourists today. Hope to help you choose for yourself the most ideal destination when you have the opportunity to visit the holy land! 

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