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Trekking Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing

Ba Den Mountain, 986 m high, is the highest and most difficult mountain to conquer in the South. This is also considered a favorite place for young people who love to move and like to challenge themselves. Many people think that climbing is only for those who are healthy and must have a son in the group. However, with only 300,000 VND, our group, all women, successfully conquered Ba Den to enjoy nature like carefree children, free and free in the sky.

Trekking Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing

Traveler hearts wait for the best moments during the climbing journey.

There are 4 directions to the top: Temple road (shortest, but steepest, many rocks difficult to pass),Power poles (easiest and most popular road)Ma Thien Lanh Street (difficult and long)White Rock slope (the hardest to conquer, only suitable for those with good health).

Because our group is completely female, the easy way to climb is the electric pole. And to start a “trip” trip to Ba Den, what do you need to prepare and understand?1. Prepare

Food and drink: Cup noodles, sausages, sandwiches, cucumbers, chocolates, rice cakes, candies, cotton balls, fruit and effervescent C tablets.Fruits: Apples and tangerines are two common types, easy to carry as well as preserve (this is for assigning to buy and share).Drinking water: 1 liter for going up, 0.5 liter for daily activities, 0.5 liter for going down. A practical experience is to mix lime or lemon with sugar and honey, remember to add a little salt to create electrolytes to compensate for loss. efficient water. If only drinking pure water will be water poisoning causing dehydration and fatigue. Diluted honey can also be used (used by road cyclists). Can be purchased at the foot of the mountain. Especially do not bring coconut water.

2 tents (specialized tent for 4 people)

This guy is taking a good picture, so I took a photo of him.

Personal item:Identity papers, vehicle papers, driver’s licenses, wallets, helmets.. are indispensable objects of separation.Electronics: cameras, phones, batteries, chargers…Warm clothes (because the temperature on the mountain is low at night, it’s a bit cold)Raincoat (used as a sleeping pad to prevent rain, as a sitting canvas, or simply to wear in the rain)Flashlight for night useTwo plastic trash bags (for storing electronics or shoe covers to keep the tent out of the rain)Reflective vest (also worn during the day, the purpose is to recognize each other when driving and safe at night)Soft-soled shoes (it’s okay to wear flip-flops on the street)Gloves (open toe or closed, used to grip stones or protect hands against small scratches)Cap (to avoid the sun)MapLink tracklog

Note: Avoid carrying a lot of loose things, which will make it difficult to move to the top of the mountain.2. Move

According to experience, to climb Ba Den mountain most conveniently and safely, you can travel here by bus or motorbike.Bus: we will take 2 routes from Ben Thanh (Ho Chi Minh City) to Go Dau (Tay Ninh) and the next route is from Go Dau to Long Hoa.Motorbike: You follow Highway 22 along the direction to Tay Ninh – to Go Dau – to Highway 22, turn into two branches, National Highway 22A to Moc Bai and National Highway 22B to Tay Ninh – follow Highway 22B – Go to Tay Ninh town – go further 5 km to reach Ba Den mountain.In addition to the above route, you can follow the following route: Follow Highway 22 – Trang Bang junction – turn left to Duong Minh Chau (this way of moving will save you time).

You are checking in at the top of the mountain.3. Detailed scheduleDay 16:30: Gather at CV Hoang Van Thu.7:00: Departure to Tay Ninh8:00: Stop for breakfast at Pho Quynh9:00: Move forward11:30: Go to Ba Den Mountain Resort (46.5 km), park for lunch until 12:00

We have to carry this 10kg backpack.12:00: Group discussion before climbing12:30: Departure along the power line to the top of the mountain17:00: Reach the top of the mountain. Because this is the first time climbing Ba Den mountain and in the group there are some friends who do not exercise, the climbing time is quite long.17:30: Set up camp and prepare dinner

Evening campfire.

In the cold evening, sitting on the fire is the most wonderful thing.

Note: Each member of the delegation must carry at least 7 kg – 10 kg including personal items, drinking water, food and tents. Within the first hour, you will feel sluggish because of fatigue, because of the hot weather… but in return you are treated to countless beautiful scenes.Day 24:30: Wake up to watch the sunrise, remember to wake up before 5:00 to wait for the sunrise because just a few seconds late, you have also lost the beautiful moments of the clouds and the sky together.

Sky at 4:45 am.

Around 5:30, the sun turned red in the sky, casting pink rays on the bed of Dau Tieng lake, making the picture of the countryside full of life. Definitely have to watch the sunrise, because if you climb Ba Den mountain without seeing that beautiful scene, you have not set foot anywhere.

At 5:30 the sun was red in the sky.7:00: Have breakfast, drink coffee and camp. You should clean up the garbage and bring it down! Don’t leave anything you bring up.

This cup of coffee is a balance between sweet and bitter, but leans more towards the bitter part and is more specifically brewed on top.

Great breakfast in the mountains.

Journeying down the mountain, our group decided to follow the temple road. The road is extremely steep, with large rocks, sometimes crawling, crawling, swinging here and there.7:30: Departure down the mountain

The group check-in at the top.13:00: We arrived at the foot of the mountain and were exhausted.

After going down the mountain, you should rest a bit and have lunch and then return to Saigon. When you return, you still follow the same route and schedule as when you went. Just drive slowly, don’t be in a hurry. Remember to eat when hungry, when tired to rest.17:00: We arrived safely in Saigon

I still remember that wonderful evening by the fire at the top of the mountain that day. .4. CostGasoline fee: 100,000 VND / car / 2 daysSnacks, drinks and snacks the next day: 50,000 VND / person.Sleeping tent: 50,000 VND / person.Lunch: 2 meals x 25,000 VND / meal = 50,000 VND / person.Petty money: 100,000 VND/person.

Total amount: 300,000 VND / person.
Above are some experiences as well as experience of climbing Ba Den mountain of our group, if you have been to this palace, if you read that you need to add anything, please advise me. And finally, I want to tell you You say: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”.Be the young people who travel with civilization!
Wish you a happy trip and interesting experiences in Ba Den mountain. Follow traveloka

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