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Trekking Chua Chan Mountain in Dong Nai has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing

Are you a trekking enthusiast or mountain climber to experience the feeling of conquering heights? How many times have you climbed Ba Den and have to temporarily ignore other attractive mountains because they are quite far from Saigon? With a limited time on weekends, if you want to go somewhere close to relieve the pressure, I think Chua Chan is a suitable and interesting choice.

Trekking Chua Chan Mountain in Dong Nai has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing

This wonderful trip is an unforgettable memory with the companions full of fate.Where is Chua Chan Mountain?

Located in Gia Ray commune, Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai, nearly 100 km from Saigon, Chua Chan mountain is the second highest mountain in the Southeast with an altitude of 837 m. However, the scenery on the top of the mountain is quite attractive to backpackers and the road to the top is no less difficult than Ba ​​Den.How to get from Saigon Sai

Motorbike: go to Vung Tau junction – Dau Giay junction (road to Da Lat) – go straight along National Highway 1A through Long Khanh to Xuan Loc, ask people or google map the way to the foot of the mountain.

Happiness is when you meet close friends who are always by your side.Chua Chan climbing arcs

There are two paths to the top of the mountain (it will take about 3 hours)Power poles: starting from 20 poles, climb along the poles to 140 poles to reach the top. The higher you go, the steeper the distance between the power poles. The road is quite steep but difficult to get lost.Temple road: from the foot of the mountain, you can climb stairs or take the cable car to a temple about 1/3 of the mountain. From here follow the trail to the top, it is easy to get lost because of many turns, but the slope is gentle, easy to climb.Schedule

We move from Saigon at 11 am, about 2 pm, we will arrive at the motorbike parking point at the foot of the mountain road to climb the electric pole. To National Highway 1A through Gia Ray commune, you ask about Ong Don junction, go a few hundred more. meter is coming. For convenience, you should mark this point on google map to find your way, it’s not easy to get lost, but it takes a long time to find your way around. You can see the coordinates of the parking spot HERE .
After resting and tidying up, at exactly 15 o’clock, our journey began.

What are you waiting for, let’s go!

The first few dozen columns are quite close together, so you will go very quickly and the road is easy. But from about the 50m column, the challenge increases with steep slopes. The roads are lined with trees, the higher you go, the wider the field of vision, the cool breeze partly absorbs the sweat of the “climbers”.

The slopes were difficult, but just looking ahead, seeing the silhouette of our teammates, we happily continued on, despite the sweat rolling down.

When you reach the 99 pole, you should be proud because the most arduous distance has already passed, the next section is quite comfortable, much easier to go. As our group reached this landmark, it was also dark, we had to keep a close eye on the direction of the poles so as not to get lost in the path of the forest people.
The 140th pole is an army barracks up here, the guys are very friendly to ask questions, suggest drinking water or blankets if needed, enthusiastically guide our group to the best place to camp.

18:30 our group has reached the top of the mountain, let’s check-in!

There is a wide and flat hill, looking down is a Xuan Loc appearing by the lights and bright stars in the sky. It’s a very nice feeling. We gathered around the fire, barbecued, sang… Because it was a weekend, there were many camps around, the atmosphere was very lively.
The evening of our children passed in the flickering fire light, where 10 people, 10 medical students, sat together among thousands of mountains, telling each other about life, youth, and dreams. dream, lament each other how terrible the exam schedule of medical school students. No more scenes of everyone staring at their phones, forgetting about the challenges ahead, happiness is sometimes just the world’s best BBQ skewers, chatting and laughing together, leaning on each other to look at the spots. the fire crackled in the night, we could hear the wind howling in the middle of the hill.

Our children’s evening passed in the flickering firelight.

The most anticipated “performance” the next day is hunting clouds to welcome the dawn on the top of Chua Chan. The layers of fog in the middle were blurred, and the sun was far away, we thought we were lost in a fairyland. It’s time to take out the camera and “live virtual”.

Time to go virtual!

Early in the morning, I could not open my eyes, but the floating scenery couldn’t resist.

Get up early to hunt clouds Contains Chan.

Catch the sunrise on the top of Chua Chan.

The top of Chua Chan mountain is so beautiful, you can take advantage of any corner to take the best photos, in my opinion, this place is more beautiful than Ba ​​Den Mountain, if you haven’t gone yet, what are you waiting for? But remember that this place also has a virtual living stone that thousands of people love.

The landscape is open and beautiful.

Stone of thousands of people love to check-in.

There is a friend who feels so peaceful that she suddenly meditates, forgetting her worries and worries…

Around 8 am we started going down the mountain by the pagoda road, the road was quite gentle, so it was quite fast, it only took about 2 hours to reach the foot of the mountain. From the temple to the foot of the mountain, you can visit the surrounding shops to bathe and rest, enjoy the special dish of this region (the taste is very different from the familiar Central or Western pancakes), buy potatoes dried sweet potato, dried banana to sip or as a gift.

This is called Heaven’s Gate – marking ½ of Chua Chan’s peak.

At the end of the not too hard climbing trip, everyone felt excited because of releasing daily pressures, ready for a new working week.

The trip ended perfectly!

According to the experience of the previous Chua Chan climbing groups and their own, it is recommended to climb up by electric poles and climb down by pagodas. Note that the starting point of the two electric poles and the pagoda road is 8 km apart. When going down the mountain by temple road, you can choose many means of transportation such as taxi, bus… to return to the original electric pole parking spot. Average price is 15,000 VND / person.

Sitting on a rickshaw, a novel experience.Some preparations for the climb to Chua ChanSkinPrepare yourself (1 set to go hiking, 1 set to change at night for easy sleep) – to ensure good photography, you should choose light colors – put in a plastic bag to not get wet, bring a few more plastic bagsRaincoat (rain umbrella or bat wing for sitting)Should wear specialized shoes for climbing, or maybe a pair of running shoes, as long as it is comfortable and easy to run and jump, you should bring a pair of thin sandals to go at night.Hat, scarf, riding gloves (required for sun protection)It’s cold at night, so remember to bring socks, scarves and coatsFlashlight: anyone can bring it, should have at least 1 / tentSome other itemsMedicines: red medicine, cotton bandages, gauze, bandages; mosquito repellent; stomach medicine, oil…Paper towels of all kindsTent: Depending on the number of people, it is recommended to rent 4-5 people / tentFood: You can buy grilled chicken, bring BBQ like our group, so bring cup noodles and a small pot to eat more.

I will forever remember this trip.I will miss these beautiful memories, youth, let’s fly and dance with your best friends!