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After Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh, again Chua Chan mountain (Dong Nai) appeared a strange cloud that made people stir

The lens cloud that looks like a flying saucer also appeared at the top of Chua Chan mountain this morning (November 25), making many people excited.

Just yesterday (November 24), social networks were stirred up when they witnessed the image of a giant cone-shaped cloud covering the top of Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh. The cloud is like a “magical” floating hat that makes many people constantly admire it. To this day, this cone-shaped cloud phenomenon at Ba Den Mountain is still attracting great attention from netizens.

The image of dome clouds appearing in Tay Ninh yesterday received enthusiastic sharing from netizens (Photo: Huy Bui, Page Tay Ninh)

Not yet impressed with Ba Den mountain in the clouds, today (November 25), another mountain in the Southeast region also appeared in this cone-shaped cloud scene. On the fan page of Xuan Loc people, the first images of the cloud around the top of the mountain received countless interactions. Most residents in Dong Nai feel excited and surprised when this strange phenomenon of lens clouds also occurs in their hometown. Many people liken the scene to stepping out of a cartoon, the mountains, lakes, and clouds all blend together to create a lyrical landscape. From a distance, the mountain stands tall like a conical hat in the middle of the plain, bringing both wild beauty and unique beauty to the surrounding lake.

After Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh, again Chua Chan mountain (Dong Nai) appeared a strange cloud that made people stir

Appearing on the fanpage, the image of the mountain in Dong Nai immediately received the attention of the online community (Photo: Xuan Loc people)

No need to go far, from the houses of many people, looking up, the cloud is embracing the whole mountain. There were even passers-by who caught the scene this morning and excitedly shared it on social media. Some people even witnessed the clouds drifting to Suoi Cat, or the mountain reflected in the shimmering lake.

The mountain in Dong Nai is located at a lake, so the contrast is very impressive (Photo: Tko Trung, Nguyen Thanh Hieu)

After a tumultuous day, many people believe that the clouds at Ba Den mountain and Chua Chan mountain are lensing clouds. This phenomenon is often seen at Mount Fuji, Japan and is called Kasagumo. This type of cloud is also quite rare, so people are surprised to see its appearance at two famous mountain peaks.

People can easily see this scene on the go or at home (Photo: Thanh Hoang Ryn, Tam Kim)

The most “magical” is still the image of mountains and clouds, and surreal iridescent water (Photo: Pham Thi Ngoc Hue)

Chua Chan Mountain is a famous national scenic spot in Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province. With an altitude of 837m above sea level, this highest mountain in Dong Nai is also nicknamed “Roof of Dong Nai”. The reason the mountain is famous is that it is a familiar destination for young people who love camping or simple trekking. The mountain is chosen by many people as the ideal camping place because the road is not difficult to go, just climbing to the top of the mountain and setting up a tent to sleep overnight, waking up early in the morning to welcome the early dawn with the clouds is an interesting experience. The road to Chua Chan mountain also owns many beautiful unspoiled natural scenes, so many young people also take advantage of “virtual living” when having the opportunity to visit.

This mountain is one of the favorite trekking places for young people (Photo: Climbing Chua Chan Mountain)

This time is an ideal time to trek Chua Chan mountain because Dong Nai’s climate is the dry season, the weather is less rainy, so climbing is also easier. And also because it is a tourist destination, today, many young people have been eagerly invited to visit the mountain as well as admire the spectacular scene.

Many people share on social networks the image that they have successfully “hunted clouds” (Photo: Nguyen Hau, Tran Dinh Bao, Ha Bui)

Photo: Internet (

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