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Sea of ​​clouds on top of Phia Oac mountain

CAO BANG – Phia Oac mountain region in Nguyen Binh district, submerged in a sea of ​​clouds on a spring afternoon.

Cao Bang has many peaks above 1,000 m above sea level, of which Phia Oac is 1,931 m high, the second-highest mountain in the province (Phia Da mountain in Son Lap commune, Bao Lac is the highest with 1,987 m). In this mountainous area in the early days of February, the temperature fluctuates around 10 degrees Celsius, there is little rain in the morning and night, sunny in the afternoon and cloudy.

Blogger Ha Cuong, owner of Cao Bang Hong fanpage, and friends went on a cloud hunting trip and filmed a video “Sea of ​​clouds around Phia Oac mountains” on an afternoon after Tet.

From provincial road 212, Nguyen Binh territory turns to the top of Phia Oac, about 5 km of steep slopes and winding around the mountain. The higher you go, the more beautiful the mountain and the fancier the clouds in the old forest. When standing at the broadcasting station on the mountain, where the antenna mast is 75m high, Ha Cuong said that his emotions were broken when he saw the waves of white clouds drifting around, blending in with the golden afternoon sun like hypnosis.

The sea of ​​clouds appears from 3pm and the cloud density is getting thicker, the best time to shoot and take pictures is from 17h to 18h30. The sun was slowly setting, making everyone feel a little regretful.

Cloud season in Phia Oac lasts from December to March next year, especially in February, thick clouds appear in the forest early in the morning or at sunset.

Sea of ​​clouds on top of Phia Oac mountain
View from Vietnam radio station.

In 2021, Mr. Cuong and his friends went hunting rattan more than 10 times, so they did not have any experience. This year, he followed the weather through different channels and luck smiled. “Taking videos like that is really fun, passionate and also a motivation to promote Cao Bang tourism more to tourists.”

Mr. Nguyen Son Tung, from Cao Bang City, traveled nearly 73 km to hunt clouds on Phia Oac, shared: “It was really surprising to see the mountains undulating among the white clouds, breathing in the fresh air was so refreshing. Perhaps the long, tiring journey was not wasted.”

Photo: Cao Bang Hong

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