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Go find Phia Po mountain and check-in ‘dinosaur spine’ in Lang Son

Phia Po Mountain is a mountain in the Mau Son mountain complex, Lang Son. If Mau Son peak is called mother mountain, Phia Po peak is called father mountain. This place is also known for its beautiful “dinosaur spine” that young people check in.

Discover Phia Po mountain – roof of Lang Son

Lang Son is famous for its beautiful Mau Son peak. However, Mau Son is not just a mountain. It is a complex of up to 80 large and small mountains. In particular, the highest peak is Phia Po mountain with an altitude of up to 1541m above sea level. That’s why Phia Po is also known as “the roof of Lang Son”.

Go find Phia Po mountain and check-in ‘dinosaur spine’ in Lang Son
The majestic dinosaur spine of Phia Po . mountain

Phia Po Peak is located between Cao Loc and Loc Binh districts,30km northeast of Lang Son . Because it is less famous than Mau Son (mother mountain), Phia Po is still unknown to many people. It is this that helps this place still retain the wild and majestic beauty that nature bestows on Lang.

Hunting clouds on top of Phia Po . mountain

The majestic beauty of Phia Po Lang Son mountain

With its majestic natural beauty, Mount Phia Po especially attracts young people who love photography and mountain climbing. Although not the highest mountain, this is one of the mountains with the most beautiful scenery in the North of our country.

Unspoiled and majestic natural beauty

In particular, especially the “dinosaur spine” is super beautiful. This is essentially a steep mountainside with a trail in the middle. The two sides are high cliffs creating a unique shape like the back of a dinosaur. This is an extremely interesting virtual check-in point that anyone must admire when admiring.

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Phia Po is beautiful all the time. Spring flowers bloom. Especially the pink bell peach forests in a corner of the sky. In the summer, Phia Po wears a green color of grass, extending from the foot of the mountain to the top. In autumn, the grass hill turns into a romantic golden burnt honeydew color. In winter, the whole mountain is covered with the white color of clouds and snow.

The brilliant beauty of Phia Po in spring with hundreds of flowers blooming

Trekking trip to Phia Po . mountain 

Trekking Phia Po Mountain is an extremely interesting journey that you should not miss. To conquer the “roof of Lang Son”, it will take you about 5 hours for the climb and 5 hours for the descent at an average speed. Normally, to experience all the fun, you will need to go about 2 days, divided into 2 specific itineraries as follows:

Day 1: Trekking 3.5 km from the foot of the mountain to the middle of the hill, camping

On the first day, travel 180km from Hanoi to Phia Po mountain , Lang Son in about 3.5 hours. Take a break for lunch in Loc Binh district before starting your trekking journey in the early afternoon.

The journey from the foot of the mountain to the camping site is about 2.5 – 3 hours depending on the fitness of the group. Starting the trip, you will pass through dense forests with narrow paths. Wear soft shoes for ease of movement and pain relief. Next, you will go to the gentle hills at the back of the mountain with many flat spots for camping and landscape photography.

Catch the sunrise at this super beautiful camping spot

We will spend the night here. At night the temperature will drop to about 19 to 22 degrees Celsius, there may be drizzle. You should bring thin blankets and warm clothes to change at night.

Photo: @hahinmakeup86

Day 2: Move to the top of Phia Po

On the second day, the trekking route is about 3 – 3.5 km. During this second day, we will continue to move in the forest as the slope will be higher (due to going to the top). The road is also more difficult to walk because the trees are quite dense. Please prepare hats and long clothes to avoid mosquitoes, squeezed in the forest. Don’t forget to bring insect repellent.

Trekking to the top of Phia Po!

Up to the top of Phia Po, you will admire the majestic scenery of heaven and earth, clouds and mountains blending together. Take advantage of the virtual check-in right away. Near noon, the group will return to the campsite for lunch, set up tents, and then go down the mountain to leave. As planned, you will return to Hanoi at dusk, completing memorable two-day-one-night trekking.

The trekking journey can be very beautiful covered by clouds

The best time to explore Phia Po mountain

The most beautiful time of the year to travel to Phia Po mountain is around April and May. This is when the dinosaur’s spine is most visible because the bushes are still growing low, so the trail to the top will be revealed. Trekking at this time the scenery is also extremely beautiful. You will see pink rhododendrons, peach bells and countless forest flowers blooming along the way.

The most beautiful time to visit Phia Po mountain is in the summer

It’s great, isn’t it! Prepare your luggage and start trekking Phia Po mountain right now!

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