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Visit Huu Lung in Lang Son to experience the beautiful nature, suitable for families with young children

Whether in winter or summer, there are activities suitable for families who love to travel.

Experiential travel is an extremely rewarding activity, not only for adults but also for children. The trips will help families discover wonderful nature and new things everywhere. With young children, they will have happy and joyful memories, strengthening the relationship between family members. There is the knowledge that only when you go out, do you have the opportunity to know.

Agreeing with the above opinion, Ms. Dang Thi Hoan (living in Vinh Phuc) spends a lot of time taking the children on trips. This time, the couple chose Huu Lien, Huu Lung, and Lang Son as their destinations and were really satisfied with the quality of the trip. Below are the experiences Ms. Hoan has saved, hopefully, useful for families who are planning to go out here.

Visit Huu Lung in Lang Son to experience the beautiful nature, suitable for families with young children

Looking at the scene was already super mesmerizing.

Vehicles for the trip

My family uses the family car. It takes about 2.5 hours to get there from home. The road is super easy, only the section from the highway to Huu Lung is a bit bad, but my low-rise field car can go so everyone can rest assured.

Place of stay

My family chooses a pretty homestay for 300,000 VND / room with air conditioning. The advantage here is good food, reasonable prices, near the market, near the play points, the host is gentle, kind and polite. You can choose and book a room before you go.

The little ones really enjoyed this trip.

About the trip schedule

Day 1:

– From home at 8:00am, arrive at around 11am, check in homestay, order food with the owner and then the whole family go to Bac Mo Dam for children to play in the water, take pictures. The water here is clear and super cool. The day I went was Friday, so it was pretty empty. After playing, the whole family went back to the homestay, took a shower, had lunch and took a break.

– 15:00: The whole family goes to Dong Lam steppe (about 1km from the homestay), this place is a camping lawn in the winter, and in summer, you can sit on a raft and swim in a cool, coffee bag. The price of rafting for the whole family is 200k / 1 hour, my family rafted all 300k.

– 18h: Back to homestay, shower and have dinner. After eating, the children had fun running and jumping at the homestay and then went to the bedroom.

Not only adults but children also love it.

Blue sea water looks super beautiful.

Day 2:

– 7:00 a.m. get up for breakfast at the homestay, then let the children go to the garden to harvest red dragon fruit (the garden is right next to the homestay). Then check out and the whole family go to Ho Nong Use to play.

This place is an open private area, super nice, spacious. There is kayaking here (startling cheap price of 50k / 1 hour), camping tent rental, coffee, … in this very beautiful place, ensuring every corner is shimmering for women who love to live virtual.

Because my family is planning to move to Cao Bang, we just sit, drink water and take a few pictures here. If you go to Lang Son only, playing here and being able to order lunch here is always very nice.

This place is suitable for women who are passionate about virtual life.

Hoan’s family trip lasted only 2 days, but the couple and their children felt completely satisfied about the trip. To sum up, Lang Son has beautiful nature, friendly, honest, simple people and delicious food.

A few notes when traveling here

1. Tourism in Lang Son is suitable for families for children to experience.

2. Parents should buy some street snacks for their children.

3. In the morning the next day, parents can get up early to go to the market to buy home goods as gifts, but here is a fair, only meeting on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd and 27th of the lunar calendar. month.

4. The food in Lang Son is quite delicious and reasonably priced, so there is no need to bring food.

5. Definitely try mountain snails.

Hope the above sharing will help families who want to travel in the future.

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