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Phai Ve flagpole – Impressive check-in point in the center of Lang Son

The Phai Ve flagpole is a historical relic of great significance to Lang Son province. It can be said that this is a heroic symbol of the city, showing the strong spirit of the people here. This is also a familiar and extremely popular check-in point for young people when traveling to Lang Son.

Where is the Phai Ve flagpole located?

The Phai Ve Flagpole is a rather special architectural work. Located on the top of Phai Ve mountain, Vinh Trai ward, Lang Son city center. This is a very famous place in the city. The way to get there is also easy and convenient.

Phai Ve flagpole – Impressive check-in point in the center of Lang Son
Phai Ve Flagpole, Vinh Trai, Lang Son

To move to Lang Son, you can go by car or motorbike. Personally, I prefer to ride a motorbike, because I can experience the feeling of a very refreshing trip. From Hanoi, you will need to go in the northeast direction, passing through Bac Ninh city, Bac Giang city ​​and then Lang Son city . For the most convenience, turn on Google Map for the most accurate route. The road will last about 150km and 3 hours on the road.

After arriving at the center of Lang Son city. You can easily ask for directions to Phai Ve Flagpole in Vinh Trai ward.

Phai Ve flagpole at night

What’s in the flagpole Phai Ve Lang Son?

The Phai Ve Flagpole was built in 2014 to preserve the historical value of Phai Ve Mountain . From the time of the war against the French, this was a place to store food and personal belongings for soldiers. It is a place marked with history and the arduous and brave struggle of Ho’s compatriots and soldiers. This is also the shelter of the soldiers and the people of Lang Son during the days of the enemy bombing.

The Phai Ve flagpole is associated with many heroic historical values

The flagpole was built to bring a symbol of pride to the people here. Become a new symbol attached to Lang Son city. And is a place to hold tourists every time they have the opportunity to visit the Land of Lang.

This is the pride of the people of Lang
This is also the ideal check-in point for many young people

The majestic beauty of Phai Ve Mountain along with the super-beautiful check-in corners of the Phai Ve Flagpole are the factors that attract the most tourists today. The road to the flagpole is known as a miniature “Great Wall”, with winding terraced architecture and two sides of railings made of imitation bamboo.

The entrance to the Phai Ve Flagpole

The way up includes 535 solid stone steps. After going up these stone steps, you will clearly feel the fresh and cool air on the mountain. The feeling of inhaling the fresh, pure air on the top of the chest is very pleasant.

Very good check-in at Phai Ve Flagpole
Another check-in corner at Phai Ve Flagpole

Standing on the flagpole you can observe and capture the beauty of the entire city. The day and night scenes are quite different. During the day, the city scene is quite peaceful with residential areas growing closely. At night, the city lights shimmering are extremely fanciful and beautiful. Besides checking in at Phai Ve Flagpole, you can also visit Phai Ve cave dating back over 10,000 years.

From the Phai Ve flagpole, looking down the whole Lang Son city
Countless beautiful check-in points

Delicious dishes to try when visiting the Phai Ve Flagpole

Visiting the Phai Ve Lang Son Flagpole, you can’t miss the famous specialties here such as Roast Duck, humiliation, Kitchen Buffalo Meat, Wormwood Cake… These are delicious specialties that are extremely popular with tourists. There are even people who visit Lang Son just to do a food tour because they love the food here.

Lang Son roast pork is famous in Bac Son neighborhood, right near the flagpole. This is a super attractive dish because of the deliciousness and sweetness in each fiber of the meat. The attraction ranges from iridescent golden brown color to the aroma of meat. You can eat this dish with rice or eat it alone with a delicious homemade dipping sauce.

Lang Son Roasted Meat – Delicious and irresistible specialties

Egg roll cake is also a specialty in Lang Son city, then it has been popularized in many other cities. True to its name, banh cuon will include both eggs and rolls. The process is very simple, the baker will crack an egg in the middle of the steamer, cover the lid and wait for the egg to cook, then use a bamboo stick to roll the layers of cake. Then put on a plate, sprinkle some delicious minced meat on top.

Lang Son famous egg rolls

In addition, you can enjoy dishes such as Wormworm Cake, roasted duck meat, pickled bamboo shoots… Each dish has its own flavor and is very delicious. After enjoying, please buy as gifts for relatives and friends so that they can also experience the special taste of Lang land.

Ngai cake – Another specialty of Lang Son

You can visit Phai Ve Flagpole at any time of the year. Remember to prepare some items such as insect spray, cream and sports shoes to make it easier to move. Also, carefully study the schedule and directions to avoid getting lost. Best when entering the city center if you find it difficult to follow Maps. You can ask people for the best guidance. In addition, do not forget to see more: The complete and most detailed Lang Son travel experience  !

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