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Finding peace in the Dong Lam steppe, Lang Son

A green steppe-like Mongolia is located right in Lang Son with biodiversity, caves, rocky mountains, waterfalls. Do you know yet? That is the Dong Lam steppe – an eco-tourism destination that is very attractive to young people to check in and explore.

Where is Dong Lam steppe?

Dong Lam steppe belongs to Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province. From Hanoi to Dong Lam, you should follow National Highway 1A and provincial road 243 about 150km. Arriving at the center of Huu Lung district, continue to ask for directions to Dong Lam and drive about 25 km to the north.

Finding peace in the Dong Lam steppe, Lang Son
Dong Lam steppe belongs to Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province

Previously, Dong Lam was just a wildland. People often raise cows and horses here. Then the tourists accidentally discovered this green steppe and Dong Lam increasingly attracts more tourists to visit. Seeing the potential for tourism development, the local government has made this place an ideal tourist destination.

This is a famous tourist destination of Lang Son. Photo: Bui Ngoc Cong

What’s in Dong Lam steppe?

Beautiful natural scenery

Dong Lam steppe is a 100-hectare ecological area with charming scenery. The topography of the steppe is basin-shaped, with green grass fields and lakes in the middle. Surrounding the valley are overlapping limestone mountains.

Dong Lam steppe is up to 100ha wide

If anyone does not know, it will be easy to mistake this for a beautiful artificial golf course. However, in fact, this is a large and flat grassland that nature bestows on Huu Lien.

The green grass is very beautiful. Photo: Le Ngoc Han

An image that you can come across anywhere on the Dong Lam steppe is herds of wild horses walking and grazing. These were originally wild horses, now purebred and trained so that visitors can take pictures or rent a carriage to visit. Riding a horse and roaming in the dreamy grasslands, you will feel like you are lost in the green steppe of distant Mongolia. Rich grasslands are also where people raise cattle or other livestock.

“Chill with buffalo” on Dong Lam steppe. Photo: Bui Ngoc Cong

In Dong Lam, there are two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. In the dry season, the stream of Dong Lam steppe dries up, creating a dry green valley terrain. This is a very suitable time for fun activities to explore or climb to explore inside the cave. The experience of walking and cycling to explore nature is also extremely interesting. In addition, camping picnic or organizing team building sessions, outdoor BBQ with friends is also a very attractive idea.

Picnic in Dong Lam steppe

From July to October is the rainy season, the whole Dong Lam will be flooded with water. You would hardly realize now that this place just a few months ago was still a dense green plateau. Visiting Dong Lam plateau in the rainy season will also bring about equally interesting experiences. You will be kayaking on the lake, relaxing fishing and watching the majestic limestone mountains reflected in the lake surface.

Dong Lam in the rainy season

Explore community eco-tourism

Activities ecotourism community Huu Lien is also a tourist highlight the steppe Dong Lam . Around the steppe are the villages of the Tay and Dao ethnic groups. Drop by to discover the unique culture of Lang Ben village, Toad village and La Ba village. 

Located only about 2-3 km from Dong Lam valley, Lang Ben and Lang Coc currently have 5 homestays on stilts. You can stay overnight for about 100,000 VND/person. In addition, here also provide a number of other services such as dining, entertainment, campfire, medicinal baths, foot baths and hiring guides and forest guides.

The homestay area is only 2-3km from Dong Lam. Photo: Le Ngoc Han

Huu Lien primeval forest

Surrounding the Dong Lam steppe is the lush green Huu Lien primeval forest. The flora and fauna system here is quite rich with 776 species of higher plants and 409 different species of animals. Of which, 61 species of animals and 30 species of rare plants are recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam. If you are a nature lover, Huu Lien forest is a place not to be missed.

Huu Lien primeval forest is located right next to Dong Lam steppe

Rich and diverse cuisine

At local homestays, there are often accompanying meals. You can enjoy Lang Son specialties such as:

  • Corn wine is made from the leaven of the Red Dao people.
  • Roast duck, roast pork with honey in Lang Son,
  • Sticky rice wrapped in forest leaves,
  • Boiled snails, grilled fish, boiled mountain snails
  • Roasted rock crab,
  • Lettuce sauteed with garlic with batch
  • nem chao fig leaves,
  • Pumpkin cake, black banh chung.

Lang Son’s super delicious sticky rice wrapped in forest leaves

The ideal time to explore Dong Lam steppe

With a cool climate all year round and poetic and lyrical scenery, you can travel to Lang Son and explore the Dong Lam steppe at any time of the year. Whether it’s the rainy season or the dry season, this place will bring a lot of interesting and unique experiences.

Ky Cung Temple Festival – Ta Phu, Lang Son

If you are a lover of discovering festivals, then January is the right time for your trip. Spring is the time when special cultural festivals of ethnic groups in Lang Son province take place. Typical are the Na Nhim festival, Tam Thanh pagoda festival, Ky Cung – Ta Phu temple festival, Ky Lua firecracker festival, etc.

Picnic in Dong Lam, remember to keep the environment clean

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A small note is that when coming to Dong Lam steppe, bring a bag for garbage if you want to organize a picnic or outdoor BBQ party. Let’s keep the green, clean and beautiful environment of Dong Lam!

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