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Dong Lam water season is up

LANG SON – The rainy season in Dong Lam lasts for a short time, change a new shirt for this place

Dong Lam is located in Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province, about 150 km from Hanoi, along National Highway 1A. An emerging place on Vietnam’s tourist map has been given many nicknames by displaced people, including “Vietnam’s Mongolia” due to many similarities such as horses, grasslands with lush grass, and lakes The water is clear and blue… Apart from the dry season, which is the most beautiful season, the Dong Lam steppe is like changing clothes when the water is high, and the whole area is lush.

Hung Vi, a photographer and local guide, shared that the flood season in Dong Lam can last from a week to about a month or two depending on the amount of rain. Sometimes the water only rises for a few days and then recedes.

When it rains continuously, water from upstream flows through streams and accumulates in the Dong Lam steppe because this is the end of the stream. The low grass will gradually flood until the whole steppe is flooded with water, leaving only a few high grass fields and large trees halfway submerged, creating a completely new Dong Lam. The highest water level can rise to about 15 m.

The raft rider on the Dong Lam steppe. To move into the Dong Lam steppe experience when the water rises, visitors must go rafting.

The water is clear blue, visitors can see the vegetation being submerged by the water such as low canopy, flooded lawn. You can sit on the raft, watch the canopy of ancient trees flood the body…

…or try your hand at rowing, rafting with bamboo trunks like the locals.

Water season in Dong Lam is not always present and difficult to predict. The number of tourists in the rainy season is relatively large. To stay informed, you need to contact the locals first.

Coming to Dong Lam this season, visitors can also kayak on Nong Use lake, explore Huu Lien Community Tourism Village… In addition, the locality also has beautiful flower gardens and fruit gardens.

Around the Dong Lam steppe area, there are a number of homestays such as Son Thuy Homestay, and Phong Son Retreat with large and beautiful garden spaces. Green Forest Homestay, Yen Nhi, Nguyet Nga … are places to stay in the community tourism village of Huu Lien.

Photo: Hung Vi

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