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Lang Son tourism to visit the famous and sacred Tan Thanh pagoda in the border area

It will be a big omission if you can visit Lang but “forget” not to visit the famous Tan Thanh temple. This place is a destination that attracts visitors by its unique architecture and its sacredness, and beautiful natural scenery. 

Address of Tan Thanh Temple Lang Son 

Where is Tan Thanh Pagoda in Lang Son? Tan Thanh Pagoda is located near Tan Thanh border gate in Van Lang district, Lang Son province. This temple in Lang Son is famous for its picturesque scenery, mountain-backed architecture, and charming natural scenery. Although Tan Thanh Lang Son Pagoda was just inaugurated in 2015, it has become a tourist attraction every time they have the opportunity to come to Lang. Coming to Tan Thanh Lang Son Pagoda, you will be able to burn incense to pray for good luck and visit the temple for peace and relaxation. 

Lang Son tourism to visit the famous and sacred Tan Thanh pagoda in the border area

Tan Thanh Pagoda in Lang Son

How to move to Tan Thanh Lang Son Pagoda? 

Lang Son travel experience to visit the famous Tan Thanh pagoda, you first need to take a bus, train, or motorbike from Hanoi to Lang Son. You can catch a bus at Gia Lam or My Dinh bus station with a fare of about 100,000 VND to Lang Son. Or buy a train ticket from Hanoi station/Yen Vien station to Lang Son station; the price is about 150,000 VND/person/depending on seat class. In addition, to take the initiative to travel, you can travel to Lang Son from Hanoi for more than 2 hours in the direction: Hanoi -> National Highway 1A -> Hanoi Bac Giang Expressway -> National Highway 37 -> Bac Giang Lang Expressway Son -> National Highway 1A -> Hung Vuong -> Ba Trieu -> Vinh Trai -> Lang Son. 

From the city center to Tan Thanh Lang Son pagoda is about 26km. You can go in the direction of QL1A and QL4A. If you do not know the way, you can choose a taxi as a means of transportation for about 270,000 VND – 300.00 VND / time. 

How to move to Tan Thanh Lang Son Pagoda? 

Visit the sacred Tan Thanh Lang Son pagoda. 

Tan Thanh Pagoda has a total area of ​​21ha; the area of ​​​​the Tam Bao throne, 1300m2, was built with a total capital of over 500 billion VND contributed by Buddhists. Visiting Tan Thanh Lang Son Pagoda, visitors will be impressed with its majestic and majestic position and unique architecture. Looking from the outside of the gate, you will see that the pagoda consists of all 3 pavilions with tiled roofs, ironwood pillars, and curved dragon roofs. 

Visit the sacred Tan Thanh Lang Son pagoda. 

The center area of ​​the temple is a nameplate written in calligraphy, and below the entrance are four parallel sentences. Passing through the temple gate, visitors will see the temple of Quan Tran Ai – who has sacrificed to protect the territory of the nation. To get to the center of Tan Thanh Pagoda, visitors have to go through a large hall with rows of Arhats on both sides. 

Panorama of the beauty of Tan Thanh Pagoda in Lang chua

What attracts tourists when visiting this Tan Thanh pagoda in Lang Son is that the bronze bell weighs 536 kg and the two rows of delicately carved Shakyamuni Buddha statues. However, the highlight of the temple’s architecture is the land of dragons and tigers, with the front of the temple being the three mountains, the right is an elephant-shaped mountain, the back is the mountain like the dragon throne, and the two sides of the temple door are the lake. The lobby area of ​​​​Tan Thanh Lang Son pagoda has a sophisticatedly carved dragon projection, with stone slabs weighing up to 90 tons and typical Vietnamese ancient architecture.

Sightseeing around Tan Thanh Pagoda

You will reach the temple courtyard area; in the middle is the Maitreya statue. On the right is the Bodhisattva Pho Hien riding an elephant, and on the left is the elaborately carved statue of Bodhisattva Manjushri. Then visitors can move to the right and left of the pagoda to bow to the shrine of Saint Tran and Holy Mother. Tan Thanh Lang Son Pagoda is highly appreciated for its grandeur, unique Vietnamese architecture, and harmonious landscape.

The area of ​​the temple yard is the Maitreya statue.

What few temples in Lang Son have is that, at this temple, more than 300 blocks of Lao ironwood are intricately carved, parallel sentences are used, and Buddha statues are painted with gilded lacquer. Along with that, all bricks used to build the temple are printed with the extremely sacred words “Social Republic of Vietnam – Buddhist calendar 2559 created Tan Thanh Pagoda”.

The bricks are all carved.

When standing from the highest position of Tan Thanh Pagoda, visitors will admire the beautiful panorama of Lang and feel extremely proud. However, the most sacred moment is when the temple bell rings as if showing the peace and national independence in the headland of the country.

Admire the surrounding scenery from the top of the temple

Notes when visiting Tan Thanh Lang Son Pagoda 

When visiting this sacred temple, you should also understand the following notes: 

– Pay attention to dress politely, neatly and avoid revealing because the temple is a sacred place. 

– You can buy flowers at the temple gate area with many shops. 

– Only burn incense in the temple yard area. 

– Speak softly and avoid talking loudly, laughing while visiting Tan Thanh Pagoda. 

Tan Thanh Lang Son Pagoda, built in the country's border region, is not only extremely sacred. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Lang Son, you should once visit this famous temple to admire and admire the pure beauty here.

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