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All experiences of going to Ky Lua night market – a unique market of Lang Son people

It is a big mistake to have the opportunity to visit Lang but “forget” not to go to Ky Lua night market – a market with hundreds of years old that takes place many busy trading activities. Let’s discover what is so attractive about this famous market in Lang Son .

Where is Ky Lua Market in Lang Son?

Ky Lua market, also known as Ky Lua night market, is located in Hoang Van Thu ward, Lang Son city, Lang Son province. This is a famous market and associated with the people of Lang Son. Coming to the Ky Lua market, visitors will be delighted to buy all kinds of goods. The market is open from 8 am to 10 pm. The market schedule is held on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, and 27th days of the lunar calendar. 

All experiences of going to Ky Lua night market – a unique market of Lang Son people
Ky Lua market is also known as Ky Lua night market

Instructions on how to move to Ky Lua night market    

Lang Son travel experience, to get to Lua night market first from Hanoi and neighboring provinces, you need to take a bus or motorbike to Lang Son. 

– Bus: Departing from My Dinh, Giap Bat, Gia Lam bus stations… there are many bus routes to Lang Son for you to choose from with prices ranging from 100,000 VND to 120,000 VND/way. 

– Motorbike: You can also easily travel by motorbike in the direction of Hanoi road to Bac Ninh, Bac Giang and Lang Son. Or you can go in the direction of QL5 and turn into 1A. If traveling by self-driving car is the most convenient, you will cross the Phu Dong bridge and go straight along with the Hanoi – Lang Son highway. 

From the city center to Ky Lua Lang Son night market about 900m, you can go in the direction of Ba Trieu and Luong Van Tri streets. Or go through Le Loi/DDT235 and Tran Dang Ninh street for about 5 minutes. If you go by train or take a bus to Lang Son station or bus station, the best way is to rent a motorbike taxi for about 15,000 VND / way. 

Instructions on how to move to Ky Lua night market    

What does Ky Lua Night Market in Lang Son have?

Ky Lua Market specializes in selling all kinds of goods to serve the needs of locals and tourists. However, the unique feature of this market is that the fair culture is shown very nicely. Ky Lua Night Market is a place to exchange and trade all kinds of goods and show the culture vividly. 

The market sells all kinds of goods and fashion

Experience going to Ky Lua market , visitors will be able to choose a lot of specialties from the local regions. Currently, the market no longer has the bustling and unique trading activities as before, but still becomes a leading destination to attract tourists in Lang. You can choose for yourself brocade costumes, enjoy delicious mountain specialties. In addition, when coming to the Ky Lua market, visitors can also choose essential items for daily life such as shoes, clothes, ornamental plants, agricultural tools, seedlings, ornamental plants…

Jewelry at Ky Lua night market

Coming to the Ky Lua market, you can not only shop, but also exchange and meet ethnic minorities living in Lang Son. In particular, many young men and women come to the Ky Lua market to find out and choose a life partner for themselves. Currently, the Ky Lua night market is open all day and night to serve the growing shopping needs of tourists.  

Lots of items for sale
Shopping at Ky Lua night market in Lang Son

Popular attractions near Ky Lua night market

Shopping at Ky Lua market , visitors can combine visiting famous tourist attractions nearby such as:

– Relic of House No. 8, Chinh Cai Street: This tourist attraction in Lang Son was recognized as a historical-cultural relic in 1994. Relic of house No. 8, Chinh Cai street is located at numbers 50 and 54. , on Ky Lua street, Hoang Van Thu ward. The house used to be the place where comrade Hoang Van Thu lived and did revolutionary activities. Visiting this place, visitors will learn about the memorabilia associated with the activities of comrade Hoang Van Thu. 

Relic of House No. 8, Chinh Cai Street

– Ta Phu Temple: The temple is located in the center of Ky Lua city, built-in 1683 and ranked as a national relic in 1993. Ta Phu temple is located on a high land consisting of 2 buildings. The annual Ta Phu temple festival is held on January 22 – 27 every year attracting visitors with many unique cultural and entertainment activities. 

Ta Phu Temple

Notes when going to Ky Lua night market

Visiting and shopping at Ky Lua market in Lang Son, you should also “pocket” for yourself the following notes:

– You can go to the Ky Lua market both during the day and at night. However, for a wide choice of goods and a lively atmosphere, it is best to go at night. 

– Prices at the market can be challenging, so you don’t hesitate to bid or walk around the market. 

– If you buy in bulk you will get an attractive discount. 

– Besides shopping, at Ky Lua market, there are also many kinds of highland specialties sold by ethnic people here. 

– Do not bring a lot of cash, to avoid pickpockets, especially on crowded weekends. 

– Should choose comfortable walking shoes, because the market has a large space to walk a lot. 

Although the appearance has changed a lot compared to before, but Ky Lua night market still becomes the leading tourist attraction in Lang Son. If you have the opportunity to come to Lang, you should once visit this famous night market to choose for yourself the items you like and enjoy many attractive specialties here. 

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