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Capture the beauty of the famous Phai Ve Mountain flagpole in Lang Son

Lang Son is the leading province of the country and has many tourist attractions. One of them is Phai Ve Mountain with the famous flagpole monument – dubbed the miniature Great Wall of Vietnam. Let’s see the full beauty of Phai Ve Mountain through the article below.

Phai Ve Mountain – A rockery in the heart of Lang Land

The mountain is located in the east center of Vinh Trai ward, Lang Son. Before crossing the Ky Cung river, you will see a mountain in the distance with a red flag with a yellow star fluttering. That is Phai Ve mountain,  Lang Son.

Capture the beauty of the famous Phai Ve Mountain flagpole in Lang Son

The majestic beauty of Lang Son Mountain

From a distance, Phai Ve mountain emerges right in the heart of Lang Son city, among houses with red tile roofs. That is why this mountain is also known as “the mountain of Lang Son”. Experiencing many historical periods, the mountain still stands tall and is the pride of the people here.

Phai Ve Mountain – A rockery in the heart of Lang Son

Historical value of Mount Phai Ve Lang Son

Phai Ve Mountain  is an archaeological relic with the greatest historical and cultural value of Lang Son. Inside this mountain are two cave sites with paleontological traces. These two caves are about 10,000 years old and about 5000 years old. Now when combined with fanciful lights, the stalactites in the cave become extremely lively and shimmering, attracting tourists to visit and explore. Understanding that historical value and tourism potential, the authorities here have taken many measures to restore and preserve this unique wild beauty.

Phai Ve Mountain is an attractive tourist destination for young people

Flagpole of Phai Ve Mountain – Vietnam’s miniature Great Wall

The flagpole of Phai Ve mountain can be considered as one of the famous symbols of Lang Son city. Located on Phai Ve mountain with an altitude of about 80m, this flagpole consists of 535 solidly built stone steps. The entire flagpole is built with durable materials such as stone-clad concrete. The stair railing going up is faked like green bamboos that look quite like the Great Wall. Perhaps because the image of the towering flag tower with the meandering steps is quite similar to the Great Wall. Therefore, this place is known as the Great Wall of Vietnam, a miniature version of Vietnam.

Phai Ve Mountain – One thousand li of the miniature wall of Vietnam

You can travel by motorbike or car to Lang Son city center. Then park the car and hike up the mountain. Moving up the flagpole is extremely simple and easy. You will feel cool and comfortable as soon as you finish climbing the mountain because of the cool fresh air when you are on the mountain.

This is also a very famous check-in point in Lang Son

With a high position and located right in the center of the city, you can stand right on the high steps to enjoy the panoramic view of romantic Lang Son. The whole city seemed to shrink insight. The most impressive is probably the night scene when the lights of the street are shimmering and the houses are spread out at the feet.

The flagpole of Phai Ve Mountain stands tall in the middle of the night

At night, the lights are also lit at the Flagpole with nearly 1000 LED bulbs installed. Under the steps, in the cave and around the mountain are also beautifully decorated with lights. Make the Flagpole look like a bright torch, illuminating and radiating the whole city. The whole Phai Ve mountain exudes a dreamy beauty under the chilly weather of the night.

The Phai Ve flagpole shimmers in the dark night

The right time to climb Phai Ve mountain

You can go to Phai Ve Mountain at any time of the year. Because the landscape here is not too dependent on the weather. However, you should combine going to many tourist destinations in the same Lang Son trip. The most perfect time is a festival like Tam Thanh cave on the full moon of January every year. You can combine visiting Phai Ve mountain and going to the pagoda at the beginning of the year, along with attractions such as Tam Thanh cave , Chi Lang pass , Gieng Pagoda… very convenient.

Traveling to Phai Ve Mountain in the spring combined with going to the temple at the beginning of the year is extremely reasonable

Above is the tourist information of the destination of Phai Ve mountain . For the perfect trip, don’t forget to see more:  The most complete and detailed Lang Son travel experience

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