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Advice on buying Lang Son tourism gift that is both delicious, meaningful, and cheap

Xu Lang is not only famous for its beautiful scenery, but also attracts visitors with many delicious specialties. Buying travel gifts in Lang Son, you have many different choices from fruit, cake, wine … Specifically, please refer to the following article and choose a destination to buy gifts like that.

Buying gifts for Lang Son tourism? 

Buy Lang Son travel gifts with fruits, specialties, Mau Son wine, spices … For more details, please find out below: 

1. Mau Son Wine 

First of all, the famous specialty of Mau Son wine is famous for consumption, which any gentleman wants to buy for use or as a gift. What makes Mau Son wine so attractive is the combination of pure water from the mountain bed and cool climate here. Mau Son wine is a specialty of the Dao people living in Lang Son . 

To have this delicious wine, they have to distill rice manually together with water taken from the stream bed, forest leaven, and valuable medicinal herbs. Not only that, but people have been rumored to drink Mau Son wine once and then remember it forever. 

The standard Mau Son wine will have a milky white color, a characteristic aroma and a mild, sweet taste of medicinal plants, as if it is not bitter. This wine is often used by Lang Son people in important ceremonies. If you have the opportunity to visit Lang, you should once buy this famous specialty of Lang Son as a gift and enjoy. 

  • Address: Mau Son Dinh wine shop at 117 Tran Dang Ninh, Lang Son city
  • Price: 100,000 VND / bottle

Advice on buying Lang Son tourism gift that is both delicious, meaningful, and cheap
Mau Son is famous for its delicious wine

2. Lang Son chili shoots 

What should Lang Son tourism buy as a gift ? Lang Son chili shoot is very famous made from gills in the forest and spices. The special thing about Lang Son chili bamboo shoot is soaked with honey, so it is very fragrant and has a characteristic delicious taste. Bamboo shoots can be eaten after about 7 days after soaking. Lang Son chili shoot is usually served with pho, vermicelli or soup. 

Currently in Lang Son, people have pre-packaged chili bamboo shoots, which are convenient to sell to customers to bring as gifts. If you have the opportunity to come to Lang, do not forget to buy some chili bamboo shoots as gifts. 

  • Address: Deep Hoang chili shoot at Hoa River Bridge, NH1A, Chi Lang, Lang Son
  • Price fluctuates: 50,000 VND / jar

Lang Son chili shoots 

3. Buy Lang Son specialty fruit as a gift

Buying delicious and cheap Lang Son travel gifts can not ignore the famous Lang Son fruits. However, depending on the time you come to Lang Son, it will correspond to that fruit season. Specifically below:

Dao Mau Son : is a summer specialty with large fruit and attractive sweet taste. Mau Son land is located in the high mountains, every year there is a very wrong planting of trees. Dao Mau Son has outer hair, whiteish green color and fleshy yellowish, slightly ivory-white inside. Unlike conventional peaches, Mau Son peach has a characteristic aroma, crispy and sweet. To buy Mau Son standard peaches you can go to Mau Son area, priced at 30,000 VND / kg. 

Dao Mau Son has large fruit, sweet taste

Na Chi Lang : Buying gifts from Lang Son cannot miss the famous na Chi Lang specialty. Chi Lang nautical is delicious, large segment, white flesh and black seeds. Na Chi Lang has a sweet taste but is not bored like other types of na, the meat is very delicious. Dong Banh market area sells a lot of Chi Lang na, priced at about 45,000 VND / kg. 

Na Chi Lang is famous for its deliciousness

Bac Son mandarin: Bac Son variety is famous for its sweet and succulent aroma. Bac Son mandarin is a specialty of Lang Son as a gift, chosen by many tourists when having the opportunity to come to Lang. The reason Mau Son mandarin has such a delicious taste, because of the fertile soil and mild climate, the mandarin mandarin is very succulent. There are two types of Bac Son mandarins, flat and round. To buy tangerines as a gift you can go to Na Rieng 2 village, Quynh Son commune, Bac Son district. The price fluctuates around 25,000 VND / kg. 

Bac Son tangerines are thin and sweet

4. Typical spices in Lang Son

Buying Lang Son tourism gifts , besides chili bamboo shoots, wine and fruit, spices such as anise and honey are also loved and chosen by many tourists when they have the opportunity to come to Lang.

Molasses : A typical spice that enhances the delicious and delicious flavor of the dish. The bile season lasts from June to July of the lunar calendar, when going to the upland markets, you will see the image of people here selling bile. The honey leaves can be used to stir-fry with bamboo shoots, grilled dishes, roasted duck … Fresh honey has a sour, slightly sweet taste and is used to store meat and fish stocks. You can buy honey at Dong Kinh Lang Son market, the price is about 20,000 VND / bundle. 

Lang Son’s honey is delicious

Anise : Around August every year is the season when the anise flowers in Lang Son begin to harvest. Anise is used to extract a characteristic aroma used to process cosmetics, as a massage oil. In addition, anise can be used as a spice to make dishes more delicious. Address to buy anise in Phong Phong, Tham Mo. Price fluctuates 80,000 VND / kg. 

Anise is a favorite seasoning for tourists in Lang Son

5. Lang Son puff specialties

Lang Son specialties as the next gift must be the famous puff cake. Puff cake is a kind of cake of Nung and Tay people on Tet occasion made from sticky rice soaked with forest ash. Rice after being soaked, crushed and added white wine then pounded until smooth evenly. Then, cut the dough into pieces and dry in the sun, when the cake is dry and golden. Puff pastry is fried with a pan covered with crispy oil. You can buy banh cuon at the fair in Lang Son. Price is about 30,000 VND / bag. 

Lang Son puff specialty

Notes when shopping in Lang Son

In order to choose the delicious and good quality gifts at Lang Son, you should know the following notes: 

– The prices for shopping for Lang Son specialties above are quite reasonable, they are all garden prices, but if you buy in large quantities you can bargain cheaper. 

– Should consult or ask people about the address to buy the most delicious and prestigious specialties. 

– Avoid cheap to buy poor quality goods. 

– When shopping at stores near a tourist destination, you should bargain, because the price is often challenging.    

With the above information about buying delicious Lang Son travel gifts and meaning above, you will help you choose the best gifts for your relatives and friends.  

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