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5 delicious and affordable Lang Son specialties, suitable for buying as gifts

Lang Son is not only famous for a roast duck but also has many interesting gifts to attract visitors.

If you are planning to visit Lang Son or are here but don’t know what to buy as a gift for your loved ones at home, please pocket the delicious – nutritious – cheap specialties below!

5 famous Lang Son specialties

1. Bac Son tangerines

The juicy yellow tangerines and thick and juicy citrus will definitely make you no longer hesitate to buy them right away as gifts for everyone.

Bac Son tangerines have 2 types: round and flat tangerines. Round tangerines are lighter and sweeter than flat tangerines, depending on the taste of each family, you can choose two types of tangerines to make Lang Son specialty gifts for your loved ones.

5 delicious and affordable Lang Son specialties, suitable for buying as gifts

Illustrated photo.

– Reference price: Ranges from 25,000 – 35,000 VND/kg.

– Reference location:

You can easily buy tangerines at Dong Kinh, and Ky Lua markets or from gardeners growing tangerines in Bac Son…

– How to choose to buy delicious tangerines:

When ripe, tangerines are round yellow, thin skin, sweet and fragrant. The round tangerines usually weigh from 80-150g, when peeled there is a hollow in the middle of the fruit.

For flat tangerines, you should choose fruits with two concave ends, slightly flattened shape, yellow when ripe, thicker skin, difficult to peel, sour taste and also less fiber. The average fruit weight is 100–150g.

2. Hong Bao Lam

Bao Lam persimmon is a special persimmon of Lang Son. The sweetness and crispness of this persimmon is easy to make visitors “super-heart” because not everywhere has such delicious persimmons like this. Accordingly, do not forget to buy Bao Lam roses as gifts for your family members.


– Reference price: 60,000 VND/kg.

– Reference location:

Markets in Lang Son.

– How to choose delicious persimmons:

The fruit is oblong, with 4-6 longitudinal grooves extending from the stem to the middle of the fruit. The fruit has no seeds, the ears are small, with 4 ears.

+ Bao Lam seedless persimmon when eaten has a crispy, fragrant, sweet taste, the cross section of the fruit has an asterisk shape of 8-12 petals, a slightly red color contrasting with the color of the flesh. Fruit weight from 15-16 fruits/kg.

+ The fruit skin is thick, smooth but less glossy, yellow-red or earth-colored with a greenish tint. The flesh of the fruit is red-yellow-orange to dark yellow, smooth and with very few dark spots, with granules of sugar.

3. Huu Lung grilled spring rolls

Coming to Lang Son, it is impossible to ignore this grilled spring roll, because it has a unique feature of the mountains and is completely different from other places.

Nem is wrapped with banana leaves, left to ferment and then put on a charcoal grill, because spring rolls are made from fresh ingredients, so they are very popular with tourists when enjoying. However, because it is made with fresh ingredients, when you buy it as a gift for everyone, pay attention to the preservation stage to keep it delicious.

Illustration: dacsanthonque

– Reference price: Ranging from 20,000 – 25,000 VND/piece.

– Location of reference: Specialty stores in Huu Lung district and Lang Son city.

– How to choose and buy delicious spring rolls:

+ Buy at reputable, reputable addresses and remember to note the expiration date of the product. In addition, when buying, please store it carefully to avoid staleness.

4. Pickled chilli bamboo shoots

The main ingredients of this dish are fresh bamboo shoots, chili, garlic, sugar, … creating a typical pickled chili bamboo shoot in Lang. Because of the perfect combination of water dishes, this dish has long become a specialty, extracted into small jars to sell as gifts to tourists when coming to Lang Son.

– Reference price: Ranging from 50,000 VND / jar.

– Reference location:

+ Sau Hoang chili bamboo shoots: Area Ga, Chi Lang, Lang Son, Vietnam.

– How to choose pickled chili bamboo shoots:

+ Buy at reputable, reputable addresses and remember to note the expiration date of the product.

5. Lang Son wormwood cake

Lang Son wormwood cake is made from young wormwood leaves, so it has a very special taste. When processing, wormwood leaves will be boiled with ash water until soft, then washed, removed fiber and crushed. After that, the ingredients continue to be pounded with the cooked sticky rice. When it has become a smooth and flexible dough, the cake will be filled with sesame seeds with finely pounded sugar, creating a unique specialty with a delicious taste.

At first, when you eat it, you may feel that its taste is very strange, but of course, it will not be as difficult to eat as when eating wormwood leaves directly. Remember to pay attention to its aftertaste, you will definitely feel very special.

Illustrated photo.

– Suggested address to buy: Dong Kinh market in Lang Son or food stores in Lang Son.

– Reference price: 3,000 – 4,000 VND/piece.

– How to choose pickled chili bamboo shoots:

+ Find and buy new cakes at reputable production locations in Lang Son.

Note when buying Lang Son specialties as gifts

– Choose to buy quality products, do not buy things that are too cheap. In case you want to buy products at a good price, please refer to many different stalls or sales addresses. In addition, you can ask a local relative to buy it for you to avoid being told the price is too high.

– Look carefully at the product quality and ask carefully for the expiry date to avoid buying damaged.

– Choose to buy specialties that are compact, easy to carry and easy to store to avoid damage to dishes.