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Experience overnight camping in the picturesque steppe in Lang Son

Leaving the bustling city, Hanoi’s family immersed themselves in the peaceful nature of the land of Huu Lung Lang Son.

Dong Lam steppe belongs to Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province, about 150 km from Hanoi. The area has an area of ​​​​100 hectares, famous for its lush grass, and clear blue lake, located between majestic cliffs. This is one of the most popular camping and picnic spots.

Recently, Ms. Le Thuy Hang (SN 1985) and her family came here to camp and have fun overnight. Hang found out about this campsite through a friend. When coming here, the young mother was captivated and had to say: “Nature is so beautiful”. Away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, coming to this peaceful land, Ms. Hang seems to be immersed in the beautiful and fresh nature. Not only that, her children also have a place to enjoy themselves. Ha Thanh’s mother shared: “This is a very favorite camping place for the family, the children can experience 2 days with nature and the parents can live virtual with extremely beautiful scenery”.

Experience overnight camping in the picturesque steppe in Lang Son

Coming here, children can immerse themselves in the fresh and peaceful nature.

Because she is 34 weeks pregnant, Hang is very careful when planning and moving to the camping site. Her family and the family of friends traveling with them rented a 16-seat car, flexible time and place to pick up… to move to Huu Lung Lang Son. The road is very easy because most of it is the Hanoi – Lang Son highway. Near the homestay, the road is also wide, open and easy to go. Only the part going to the Phu Thi tree area, you need to rent a motorbike because the entrance is small and a bit bumpy. But this is a very memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The stream is small with clear blue water and the children enjoy the experience of wading, rafting with their parents. Mothers who do not wade through streams sit virtual living, taking extremely “chill” photos.

Children have a place to play, parents have a virtual place to live.

In the tour package, there is a photographer accompanying the journey to record everyone’s pictures, so we don’t have to worry about taking pictures, just live virtual together. After flying kites, kicking soccer balls, wading streams, rafting together all afternoon, everyone was hungry. We went back to the campsite to prepare for dinner. Arriving at the place, the aunts and uncles have prepared firewood, 3 chickens, sausages, skewers, and sour rolls for grilling. This dinner is very delicious, suitable for my family’s taste. After eating, we gathered around the campfire, enjoying the chilly air that began to fall.

After dinner, a group of writers and artists came to perform, interact with families, sing, dance, and dance. The whole group played, sang, and grilled corn, potatoes, and yellow snapper. Between 9 and 10 o’clock, hungry children and parents eating instant noodles are also very interesting. It’s quite foggy, cold and wet, sipping noodles together is also a cozy experience.

Looking at the scene was already super mesmerizing.

Day 2, we woke up quite early to welcome the dawn in a new land. In the morning, the whole family lined up with instant noodles, drank coffee, Dawn in the valley was so beautiful that we also took pictures and recorded many videos by ourselves. My husband brought a camera, took a flycam to save many beautiful memories.

After that, our group moved to Nong Use lake. This lake has very impressive emerald green water. Families can kayak and take photos here. Next, we visited the Phu Thi tree to admire the scenery, play swings and “live virtual”. My children also love it because there is a wild stilt house, a swing hanging from a tree facing the turquoise lake,” the young mother recounted.

The atmosphere here is very peaceful.

Hang finds it most convenient to come here without having to worry about food, because a homestay takes care of it. The food is also very tasty and appetizing. Before the trip, the young mother only needs to prepare a warm coat, a scarf, a mosquito repellant and some preventive medicine to bring. According to the young mother, when coming here, everyone just needs to prepare a really happy spirit and fully enjoy every moment with family, relatives and friends.

Hang confided: “I am a pregnant mother and have two young children. But I always like to accompany my children, enjoy life experiences and spend quality time with my family. I want to be with my husband and friends. My children go everywhere together. And the camping site at Huu Lung Lang Son helped me to complete that thought.After the trip was over, the children all wanted to go on, all wanted to come back here. Me too. “.

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