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Enjoy a peaceful and cool camping trip with the whole family in Thai Nguyen

Away from the bustling city, the whole family going camping together will definitely be a memorable experience.

For those who love peace and want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, camping trips with the family are absolutely suitable. Enjoying peaceful moments with loved ones, and exploring the vast natural space together not only helps dispel fatigue but also improves mental health and well-being.

The camping season is here, recently Ms. Nguyen Thanh (living in Hanoi) suggested to mothers a favorite camping place, which is MoJen’s area at Dai Tu – Thai Nguyen – Hanoi. Here are some experiences drawn from the last trip, which will hopefully help families who are planning to go out with their children.

Enjoy a peaceful and cool camping trip with the whole family in Thai Nguyen

The camping space is cool, immersed in nature, just sitting and watching the natural scenery is also very chill!

The campsite looks down from above with cool green covering everywhere, just stepping in here will make all the fatigue disappear.


Located about 95km from Hanoi, it takes my family nearly 2 hours to move in the direction of Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway, the road has nearly 10km in the end, so we have to go slowly, the rest is quite easy.

There are 2 roads from Hanoi to here, one goes through Vinh Phuc and the other goes through Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway, parents driving according to the map, remember to choose the highway because google maps will be continuous. Suggest going in the direction of Vinh Phuc and this road will be very far, it will take 3 hours to drive.

Babies get to experience wonderful nature. Being in harmony with nature not only helps children learn more things but also improves their resistance.


Services here are quite diverse, from renting the floor for families to bring their own camping or renting the entire tent and preparing food. My family booked late, so there was only room to rent a camping floor for the day, the cost is 200,000 VND/adult and 100,000 VND/child over 80cm, all camping gear and food are prepared by myself.

Other camping and glamping services cost from 200,000 VND ~ 1,200,000 VND/person.

Sitting here camping will help the whole family forget all the troubles and fatigue in life.


The camping floors of the area are located close to the stream, our family goes to the stream to bathe, shovel sand, pick up rocks and then go ashore to chill and listen to the murmuring stream, watch the sun go down behind the cliff, and soon it’s over. day already.

Each camping floor is arranged very private, with its own power outlet, faucet and fire place, next time our family will definitely come and stay overnight to experience it all.

In addition, the shower and toilet area, although shared, is quite clean and not very far from the tent. Quite pleased with the experience this time.


Parents can order food here or prepare their own food to take away like their own family.

The scene is poetic, free and free, both adults and children are fascinated. Weekends or free time, parents can bring their children here to enjoy this atmosphere.


– Bring towels and lots of clothes for the children to freely wade in.

– Bring anti-mosquito spray, mosquito rolling cream because the camping area has many trees, so there are mosquitoes.

– The camping site is right next to the stream, so parents should always pay attention to the children.

“Wish the small families have a lot of experiences, wish the children always have safe play in nature,” messaged Ms. Thanh.

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