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Khuon Tat Waterfall Thai Nguyen – a great tourist destination for a relaxing summer day

One of the great tourist destinations to cool off a hot summer day in Thai Nguyen is Khuon Tat waterfall. This is a very famous landscape in this mountainous area. So what is beautiful and interesting about Khuon Tat Thai Nguyen?

The answer will have answers right after you refer to the useful information shared by luhanhvietnam.com.vn below. Many people feel very uncomfortable when summer comes because the hot, sultry heat of a summer day in the North makes them feel interesting. Therefore, choosing to explore this summer will be a great idea to help you relieve stress and fatigue in work and life.

That is also the reason why Khuon Tat waterfall in the summer is always crowded with guests to take a bath and enjoy the scenery. Because in Thai Nguyen, this is the best tourist destination to help you feel the cool and pleasant atmosphere that nature brings. The feeling of being in nature is extremely interesting and meaningful.

1. Introduction about KhuonTat Thai Nguyen waterfall

Khuon Tat Waterfall Thai Nguyen – a great tourist destination for a relaxing summer day
Khuon Tat is a famous waterfall in Thai Nguyen

This waterfall is also known as the Seven-Floor Waterfall. The reason it has this interesting name, you just find out below will have the most complete answer. This waterfall is located in the village of Ty Keo, Phu Dinh commune, from the point until now through the famous tourist areas of Thai Nguyen is not too far. Therefore, by the way to Khuon Tat waterfall, visitors can visit Trn Keo, Phong General hill or Uncle Ho memorial house, …

Your first impression of this landmark is the image of the mountains and forests where there are many green trees. When viewed, you will see a beautiful waterfall flowing from above. It forms a waterfall with 7 different floors. This is the reason why the name Seven Floor Waterfall came into being. In 2012, this place was ranked as a national landmark and became an attraction for tourists when traveling to Thai Nguyen to experience.

2. What’s beautiful about Khuon Tat waterfall?

This famous tourist destination of Thai Nguyen is loved by many young people. (Photo: @ lamhanh0203)  With the height of the waterfall on the lowest floor is 12m, visitors can have fun and swim at this Khuon Tat Thai Nguyen waterfall . Because the bottom waterfall will pour water into a large pool with a depth of up to 2m, make sure when swimming here the water is very blue and cool. What is better like coming here in the summer? You will be immersed in cool water to cool off on hot summer days. Therefore, the upstream area of ​​this waterfall is always a great destination for swimming, camping or picnicking on weekends. If you want to change the wind with your family this summer, please immediately refer to Khuon Tat waterfall. Surely coming to explore, this place will make you feel the decision to come here is correct and appropriate.

The beauty of this waterfall has made many people fall in love with and send loving words for it. Because the natural scenery here is very wild and quiet. Surrounded by old trees, the air is very cool. Although the hot summer comes here always makes you feel comfortable.
If you want to see the whole natural scenery of Khuon Tat Thai Nguyen waterfall , choose the top location of De Pass to see. This is the most ideal location for you to open your eyes and see the majestic nature and the most famous waterfall in Thai Nguyen.

This waterfall has a wild and attractive natural scenery

When the panoramic view here, you will see that this waterfall looks like a ladder with different levels. From the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain, there will be a height of up to 20m. Therefore, the image of the waterfall falling from above will make you feel excited. .
Especially, if you want to have a trip to Thai Nguyen at the best Khuon Tat waterfall, take the time to conquer each floor of this waterfall. Because climbing each waterfall will make it easier for you to admire the scenery. Especially when each floor has shade, you can be more convenient to rest before conquering the next floors.

Bathing at this Khuon Tat waterfall is also what makes visitors feel excited

The feeling of breathing the clear blue air will make you feel happier and more in love. Because of being immersed in nature and being able to live in the midst of heaven and earth with the chirping of ape, birds singing like this will help you get rid of your troubles in life.
Although not a place where tourism services develop, but Khuon Tat waterfall landscape always has its own beauty and feelings that anyone who travels to Thai Nguyen is very excited to explore.

Now, the people of the capital are no longer worried when the hot weather comes, instead of struggling with the heat every weekend, why not carry a backpack and take a breath of the cool air at Khuon Tat Thai Nguyen. So what are you waiting for without picking up your backpack and going right away, to experience the exciting things that await you ahead.

Coming here to explore will help you feel much more relaxed and comfortable

In addition, associated with this waterfall is a legendary story from the past when seven fairies descended from the sky and visited this waterfall to take a cool bath. Therefore, the nature here has more mystical features for visitors to be more excited to explore.
The water at this waterfall is very clear so taking a cool bath will love it. Around the flow area are many stones with all different unique shapes. From the picture of a whale to a buffalo or a turtle make you feel interesting.

The area on either side of this waterfall is wide green grass. Therefore, you can choose this location to set up a camp and organize a meaningful picnic, picnic, and camping trip. There are many long-standing customers here. Trees such as sapwood, chestnut and bamboo trees have created a wildness and tranquility for this old forest area.

You should come to Khuon Tat Thai Nguyen waterfall for a perfect summer with your loved ones.

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