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Leaning in front of the dreamlike magic beauty of Ban Ba ​​Tuyen Quang waterfall

Dubbed as one of the famous scenic spots of Tuyen Quang, Ban Ba ​​Tuyen Quang waterfall is many tourists love and come to visit, explore.

So what is beautiful in Ban Ba ​​waterfall and why do you definitely have to visit here in this mountainous region? The answer will be answered most thoroughly thanks to the helpful information shared below. Because coming to this land, you will discover a lot of interesting and unique things that the people here are proud of.

1. Introduction to Ban Ba ​​Tuyen Quang waterfall

Leaning in front of the dreamlike magic beauty of Ban Ba ​​Tuyen Quang waterfall
The natural scenery of Ban Ba ​​waterfall is very sparkling and fanciful

Located in the central area of ​​the town, going to Ban Ba ​​waterfall is not too hard and far away. This waterfall is located in Vinh Loc town of Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang province. This place contains wild and rustic scenery. Perhaps among the tourist destinations in Tuyen Quang, this place is a waterfall that still contains pristine beauty as the first breath. This makes this place even more special. 

When you come to the entrance area of ​​this tourist area, you will have to buy an entrance ticket at the price of 30,000 VND / one way. Step back and forth inside, you will feel the scenery here surrounded by mountains. 

Especially the waterfall with 3 different floors and moderate slope will make you wonder because there are places that contain such rustic beauty.

It has been recognized as a national landmark. Therefore, more and more people love this destination and want to spend more time coming here to explore.

2. What’s beautiful in Ban Ba ​​waterfall?

When coming to this ecotourism area, you will feel how beautiful and attractive the nature is?

The first impression of tourists coming to this tourist destination is the wild and beautiful scenery. Image of rocks alternating for visitors can join the journey to climb up to explore. This will definitely be a great thing for you to explore. 

This Ban Ba ​​Tuyen Quang waterfall has 3 cascades with the name of each waterfall is Tat Cu, Tat Cao and finally Tat Gio. Surely, just hearing the name alone makes you feel very excited. Because there will be many special things to help you explore this waterfall.

In particular, there are small waterfalls and many different water slots between each waterfall floor to help regulate the water volume here. Therefore, you can freely swim and shower to cool off in the summer when you have the opportunity to visit this land that promises to bring many surprises.

This waterfall has an extremely attractive beauty

The first floor of this Ban Ba ​​waterfall is Tat Cu. This is probably the most majestic and poetic waterfall of this place. The area at the base of the falls is called the dragon’s pool. It has cliffs like a dragon winding and groundwater gushing out from the inside makes this place even more special. The image of a tornado spraying water and being immersed in the rays of the sun shining looks so sparkling and magical. It is these images that have contributed to the special attraction for Ban Ba ​​Tuyen Quang waterfall .

The Cao waterfall area on the second floor is like an extremely soft and flexible white silk. If you want to relieve stress and soak in cool water to make the spirit more refreshed and relaxed, at the foot of this waterfall there is a clear blue water pool suitable for visitors to cool off.

Ban Ba ​​Waterfall is always a place that many tourists love and want to explore during their vacation. (Photo: @janskyss)

The water here is very clear and cool. Therefore, in addition to the sightseeing, you must not forget to take part in this exciting experience. Because the feeling of being alive and close to the majestic nature like Ban Ba ​​waterfall will make your soul open, love life and love more people. You will be recharged when you come to this ecotourism area to explore.

The last floor of the waterfall is the deepest area here and it is called Vuc Linh or the most sacred area. Here you will hear the chirping of birds, the sound of waterfall pouring down loudly …

Around this waterfall is an image of an old forest with many old trees that are old for many years. In addition, the ecosystem of this place is also very rich and attractive. You will learn about the extremely rich vegetation here. 

3. Where to stay when traveling to Ban Ba?

Nha on stilts is the ideal place to rest for you to choose when traveling to Ban Ba

Regarding where to rest when you explore this Tuyen Quang tourist destination , you will definitely not have to worry about this issue. Because though not diverse in places to stay as in other ecotourism areas. But this place always welcomes you by beautiful, rustic stilt houses. This is a great place to stay for you after unleashing the fascinating beauty of this Ban Ba ​​Tuyen Quang waterfall . 

What is as exciting as this feeling of being in a place like this? Because you will be able to live close to nature and will feel how peaceful and quiet the scenery is? Is there a place that makes you feel as infatuated and infatuated like visiting this famous waterfall?

4. What to eat when going to Ban Ba ​​waterfall to explore?

If you have the opportunity to visit this tourist destination, you will have a lot of choices for yourself when choosing what to eat. Because at this tourist area there are many delicious specialties for you to explore. Which are large vegetables, hill chicken or grilled fish dish deliciously … All are delicious dishes that anyone who is enjoying the same feeling that is rich and delicious. specialties in mountainous regions.

With attractive natural scenery, Ban Ba ​​Tuyen Quang waterfall is a tourist destination with great attraction today. In particular, the local government is making great efforts in bringing tourism activities into this ecotourism area so that more and more people know about this place.

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