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If you want to visit the waterfall, you must take a boat

TUYEN QUANG–  Khuoi Nhi waterfall is located in the middle of an old forest, surrounded by Tuyen Quang hydroelectric lake, the only way to the waterfall is by boat.

Khuoi Nhi Waterfall is located in Thuong Lam commune and is the largest waterfall in Lam Binh district. The waterfall is hidden in the middle of the old forest in the national landscape of Na Hang – Lam Binh, surrounded by the lake bed of the Tuyen Quang hydropower plant. On holidays, this place welcomes hundreds of tourists from all over the world to visit.

The only way to Khuoi Nhi waterfall is by boat. If going from Ha Giang, you can start at the boat station near Thuong Tan suspension bridge, Bac Me district, it takes about 4 hours to arrive. Guests from Tuyen Quang will depart at the boat station in Thuong Lam commune, Lam Binh district, the route will be shorter, only about an hour.

To Khuoi Nhi waterfall area, the boat will dock at the edge of the forest, from here you will go about 3 km to the top of the waterfall. The path is not too steep and shady with green trees.

For convenience, guests will change the honeycomb sandals prepared by the boat to go to the forest and wade streams.

The downstream area of ​​Khuoi Nhi waterfall has many round rocks and white water. You need to pass these rocks to continue.

In the steep sections, stones will be carved into steps for guests to move easily.

The first floor of Khuoi Nhi waterfall has a strong current. At the foot of the waterfall is a large lake, guests can cool off and rest here.

The adventurous can continue towards the top of the falls by crossing powerful nearby streams, which will be signposted. In this section, the water is not too deep, but flows fast. Guests move slowly and firmly cling to the handrails.

Going for about 10 minutes, the sound of the waterfall rumbling close to the ear, signaling that you have reached the top of Khuoi Nhi waterfall. The waterfall is tens of meters high with white water bands like clouds flying straight from above, creating a majestic but also very dreamy landscape.

The area at the foot of the waterfall is a large lake, with many stream fish, you just need to put your feet in the water, and there will be schools of fish swimming to massage your feet, bringing a pleasant and enjoyable feeling to visitors.

The most suitable time to visit Khuoi Nhi waterfall is early summer. From May to the end of June, after the first rains of the season, the sun is beautiful, the trees grow, and the water in the hydroelectric lake is not too high and also clear. Guests should avoid going during the flood season from July to October.

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