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The bridge stone pile is found in the middle of the Na Hang hydroelectric lake

TUYEN QUANG – To the Tay people in the region, Coc Vai (Sai ​​Pha) is very sacred, anyone who goes by boat here asks for a wish.

Coc Vai is 50 m high, and is a natural stone column in the heart of Na Hang hydropower reservoir, in Thuong Lam commune, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province. This place is famous for the legend that Tai Ngo saved the buffalo and the filial piety of a son for his mother. Visitors taking a boat ride across the stone pillars are also suggested by local guides to ask for a wish for themselves or their families because this is a sacred and lucky place.

The bridge stone pile is found in the middle of the Na Hang hydroelectric lake
Coc Vai stands tall in the heart of Na Hang hydroelectric lake. Photo: Huynh Nhi

In the Tay language, Coc Vai means a stake tied to a buffalo. According to the old story, Tai Ngo is a giant, hardworking, hardworking guy. That year, the drought lasted, so he decided to build a dam to keep water for the villagers. Day by day, he worked hard to gather stones from the foot of Pac Ta mountain back up to Duc Xuan and Thuy Loa areas because this place has a narrow river bed but high mountains on both sides. At that time, there was a heavenly buffalo that got lost in the world and was swept away by the water, Tai Ngoi saw this and immediately saved the buffalo, using a rope to tie the buffalo to a high limestone stake that he had just built.

When the construction of the dam was almost completed, there was a bad guy in the area who wanted to interfere, lie to Tai Ngoo, his mother was seriously ill and died. He really thought he should make a stone coffin to bury his mother. Arriving at the house, seeing his mother was fast asleep, Tai Ngo thought his mother was dead and immediately stroked his mother’s eyes with his hand, but he did not expect his giant hand to have dented his temples, causing his mother to stop breathing.

Loving his mother, Tai Ngoo cried bitterly, tears flowed into rivers, washing away her mother’s coffin and body. The mother’s body drifted away and was not found, and the coffin was stuck on the rock where Tai Ngoi built the dam. Rocks piled up on the river, in the dry season, boats passing through this place have difficulty because there are many rocks. And Coc Vai or Vai Pha is the place where Tai Ngoi tied the buffalo in the past.

The beautiful scenery on Na Hang hydroelectric lake is no less than next to Ba Be lake or Ha Long Bay. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Ms. Dinh Tra My, an officer of the Management Board of Tuyen Quang tourist areas, said that in the past, it was very difficult to get to Coc Vai, now it is more convenient to move, but the only way is by boat.

“When the boat goes on the Gam River to Coc Vai area, I always suggest guests ask for a wish for themselves or their loved ones about health, peace, fame, career… because this is a sacred stone stake. and luck of the Tay people. If there are guests who do not have a son or daughter, they come here to make their wishes come true,” said Ms. My.

To get to Coc Vai, from Ha Giang, you can start at the boat station near Thuong Tan suspension bridge, Bac Me district and then go down the Gam river to Thuong Lam, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang. The journey takes about 5 hours. Visitors can also depart from Thuong Lam wharf, the journey will be shorter.

Along the way, the magnificent landscape on the legendary Gam River appears in front of visitors one after another, rock formations with strange shapes, primeval forests on both sides with tens of thousands of rare wood trees, and waterfalls. pour white night and day throughout the four seasons.

Guests have lunch on the boat according to the tour operated by Vietravel Travel Company, with dishes from shrimp and fish caught or raised on Na Hang hydroelectric lake. In which, sour, steamed lentils, sweet and sour fish fillets… are favorite dishes of tourists. Guests in groups can choose from a set menu of 100,000-200,000 VND/person. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Currently, the price of a tourist boat in Tuyen Quang hydroelectric lake is about 1.5 million VND for a boat of 30 guests. In addition, visitors can refer to the Legend of Gam River – Northeast tour. Guests experience a 6-day 5-night journey from Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Lung Ho – Du Gia – Lam Binh and Na Hang Lake for 9.79 million VND per person.

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