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Y La Tuyen Quang Temple – a famous spiritual tourist destination in the Northwestern mountains and forests

As a land famous for many attractive destinations, Y La Tuyen Quang temple is one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations of this mountainous region. Many tourists often come here to visit and beg for fortune and peace. 

If you have never been here, immediately refer to the information shared below to better understand this sacred temple.

1. Introduction to the temple Y La Tuyen Quang 

Belonging to group 4 of Y La ward, this temple is not too far from the city center. You can go along Highway 2 is coming. When you reach km4 you can turn left and go to Tien Lung village. From this point to đền La temple is not too far, only about 100m to arrive. 

Y La Tuyen Quang Temple – a famous spiritual tourist destination in the Northwestern mountains and forests
This temple contains many unique cultures of Tuyen Quang province

This is the place to worship the Holy Mother God of Heaven together with other people in worshiping Mother according to the beliefs of the Vietnamese people. This temple Y La Tuyen Quang was built in the years of the nineteenth century. According to the records still circulating, in this temple in the past, princess Ngoc Lan and princess Phuong Dung came here to inspect the boat parking. After a heavy rain happened, the two princesses flew up into the sky. Because of this, the temple was set up.

Princess Phuong Dung is worshiped on the right bank of the Lo river. Princess Ngoc Han was built a temple in Tinh Huc commune. In the year of the Ming Dynasty, during the rebellion against the army, Governor Le Van Duc entered the temple to pray for the island. After finishing the defeat, the enemy brought stories and conferred the god of the village, Hiep Thong. To this day the epitaph is still circulating.

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Because of the stories surrounding this place, the Ỷ La temple in Tuyen Quang is the place containing many unique historical and cultural traces of Tuyen Quang land.

Temple of Princess Phuong Dung is considered to be the embodiment of Heavenly Holy Mother. This place has a lot of creative products bold indigenous culture. Spiritual strength spreads throughout the working community.

According to folklore, this place is a refuge for the god and a shelter for the Holy Mother. Therefore, every year at La Temple, there are festivals. Both of these two gods are worshiped at all 3 temples. However, the commencement ceremony will be processed from Y La Tuyen Quang Temple . The Ha Temple area will be the place to perform proper rituals.

In addition to worshiping Heavenly Mother, this sacred temple also worships the Holy Ghost. Here also preserves the ordination from the Nguyen Dynasty. These dignitaries all honor the merits of God for helping the Nguyen dynasty to preserve the country and help the good people to live a peaceful and prosperous life. 

2. Festivals taking place at Y La Temple

Every year this sacred temple holds many great festivals. In which, festivals such as the Upper Nguyen festival usually take place on the 7th of January. This festival is a holiday festival for people wishing to enjoy good weather and wind for the residents to settle down. 

The festivals at Ỷ La Temple are huge and very attractive to visitors

This is followed by a summer festival that takes place on April 7. This festival takes place to pray for cool weather, good rain and wind so that people can reduce suffering. The full moon in July is the time when the Vu Lan ceremony takes place and on August 20, the death anniversary of Duc Thanh Tran will be celebrated.

In addition, the year-end ceremony will be held on the 7th of December. Especially not to mention the festival takes place in February and July every year. This is the occasion of the procession of the Mother in all three temples including Thuong Temple, Ha Temple and Y La Tuyen Quang Temple . This is considered the most awaited festival here. During the year, this is the biggest festival. The procession of Mau statue represents the meaning of reunification and meeting. 

Ỷ La Temple is a favorite place for tourists from all over the world when traveling to Tuyen Quang

Ỷ La temple is considered a historical relic with unique architecture that anyone admires. When you come here to admire the scenery, you will admire a cultural institution imbued with cultural and artistic identity of the old Nguyen Dynasty. Because of these historic values, in 2015, this temple was awarded as a national-level historical and cultural relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

3. Cultural values ​​associated with Y La temple

Temple Y La Tuyen Quang is a temple with very long age. For many years, this place is closely associated with many historical ups and downs of this mountainous area of ​​Tuyen Quang. This is also the cultural place of the people here. 

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In recent years, this temple has become a famous tourist destination in Tuyen Quang . This destination attracts a lot of tourists to visit and explore. This place has satisfied many aspirations for a peaceful and convenient life in all aspects of the people. Spiritual needs are also met. Through the festivals taking place at Ỷ La Tuyen Quang temple , people have more confidence in a year of good harvest, favorable weather and warm people. 

This place takes place many unique festivals

In addition, in terms of legend, this is considered a place to retain a lot of deep human values ​​of the Vietnamese people in general and the Tuyen Quang people in particular. The cause of drinking water, remembering its source is this thousand generations of people we still take as its root. 

Currently, the Ỷ La temple in Tuyen Quang has many panels, colors and changes of the past. These are considered extremely valuable documents of our country. Through these witnesses, we can understand more about history, the country and people of Tuyen Quang. The most outstanding feature to mention is that the ancient cultural features are considered witnesses of the nation’s history.

If you have the opportunity to visit Ỷ La Tuyen Quang temple to admire and learn about the ancient cultural values ​​of his father in the past. This is really a spiritual tourist destination worth visiting and learning.