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6 famous temples in Quang Binh for spiritual tourism

The pagoda is a tourist destination that many tourists can hardly ignore when coming to Quang Binh. Not only spiritual elements and the temples here also possess a unique architecture. Let’s join Vinlove to learn about 6 famous temples in Quang Binh that you should not miss!

1. Hoang Phuc Pagoda – a famous temple in Quang Binh dating back 700 years 

Address: T. Thuan Trach, X. My Thuy, H. Le Thuy, Quang Binh

Hoang Phuc Pagoda is considered a famous temple in Quang Binh with the oldest history with 700 years of existence. Through many ups and downs and events, the temple is the witness of many historical events, many fierce wars. Up to now, the Hoang Phuc pagoda has been rebuilt almost intact in the architectural style of ancient Tran pagodas. 

6 famous temples in Quang Binh for spiritual tourism
Hoang Phuc Pagoda

Here, visitors will seem to relive the heroic history of the nation. There is sacrifice, there is blood flowing, there is glory, there is independence. Because in the past, it was at the temple that helped soldiers hide in cooking when participating in the revolution. In addition to its historical values, Hoang Phuc Pagoda is also a sacred place preserving many culturally valuable antiques. 

This temple has a history of 700 years

2. Wat Vinh Phuoc – a famous temple in Quang Binh is sacred 

Address: L. Ly Hoa, X. Hai Trach, H. Bo Trach, Quang Binh

If you have the opportunity to come to Quang Binh, take a little time to go to Vinh Phuoc Pagoda, many people also call it Ly Hoa pagoda. The unique feature of this spiritual place is that all details in the temple are painted in white. 

Vinh Phuoc Pagoda

Vinh Phuoc pagoda was built during the reign of King Le Y Tong and, through the events of the war, the temple was terribly devastated. By 200, the couple from Ly Hoa village had re-invested and redesigned the temple. 

The inside is also painted white

3. Non Temple – one of the famous temples in Quang Binh 

Address: X. Truong Xuan, H. Quang Ninh, Quang Binh

Non-pagoda spiritual area located on Than Dinh mountain is also one of the famous temples in Quang Binh . Many people tell each other that when they sincerely come here to drink “fairy well” water at Non pagoda, the business will be luckier, avoid minor diseases. Therefore, many times when pilgrims come to Non pagoda, they drink this sacred water. 

People are taking water “fairy well”

To get to this temple visitors have to climb nearly 1300 stone steps. Although the journey was a bit strenuous, there are still many people who do not mind the road to offer incense and respect. Up to now, the temple has more than 300 years of age. After the war, the temple only retained a small temple with old foundations. However, there are many people still looking for incense offering to Buddha. 

Remnants at Non pagoda

4. Quan Am Tu Pagoda – a famous temple in Quang Binh you should visit 

Address: T. Quyet Thang, X. Thanh Trach, H. Bo Trach, Quang Binh

Referring to the famous temples in Quang Binh , we cannot forget to mention Quan Am Tu Pagoda. Many people have said that, thanks to the establishment of this temple, the whole village has a prosperous life and convenient business. Therefore, there are many tourists who live far away but still come here to pray to do business “smoothly. 

Quan Am Tu Pagoda

In addition to worshiping Buddha, Quan Tam Tu Temple is also a place for people to seek the beauty of beauty and beauty. Over 100 years of existence, Quan Am Tu Pagoda still preserves many relics and antiques of Vietnamese cultural value. 

A corner of the temple

5. Dai Giac Pagoda – a famous temple in Quang Binh has a special architecture 

Address: Đ. Le Loi, Hai Dinh Ward, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

It can be said that Dai Giac Pagoda is a large and famous temple in Quang Binh . The project is invested with the same size and massive block area. In particular, the pagoda has a statue of Amitabha Buddha made of marble weighing 40 tons and 9m high. This is also one of the largest marble statues in the country. In addition, the 9-storey Amitabha architecture is also an interesting highlight to attract many visitors. 

Dai Giac Pagoda

This temple is where many people come to send their devotion to the Buddha. In addition to ram on holidays and Tet, many people often come to Dai Giac Pagoda to pray for peace and luck.

Chiem worship at the temple

6. Thanh Quan Pagoda – 300 year old temple in Quang Binh 

Address: T. Thanh Khe, X. Thanh Trach, Quang Trach, Quang Binh

For those who like to find spiritual tourist spots but do not know which famous temple to choose in Quang Binh , try Thanh Quan pagoda. This temple was built in the early days of Buddhism. According to local people, up to now, Thanh Quang pagoda is about 300 years old. Perhaps that is why the people in the village always keep and preserve this work as a “treasure”. 

Thanh Quan Pagoda

In addition to coming here to recite Buddha’s name and worship, many people also come to participate in Buddhist classes. The classes were organized by monks and nuns of Hue’s Propaganda Department. This is a very practical and meaningful activity, bringing many moral values ​​to people. 

Inside Thanh Quan Pagoda

Above are 6 famous pagodas in Quang Binh that annually attract millions of visitors to worship and visit in order to find relaxation and peace of mind. 

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