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Keo Thai Binh Pagoda – The unique ancient temple in Vietnam

For Vietnamese people, going to the temple to pray for good luck is extremely valuable. If you are looking for a temple that is both ancient in architecture and a unique spiritual tourist destination, visit Keo Thai Binh Pagoda. 

A typical background of the northern plains of our country is the green rice fields straight with flying storks, fertile and fertile by the alluvial plains of the Red River. Referring to the northern rice granary, Thai Binh is the most appropriate name. However, Thai Binh today is not only famous for its two-year-ton sister brand, but also for the strong development of Thai Binh tourism. Referring to the famous Thai Binh tourist destination, we cannot ignore the Keo Thai Binh Pagoda – the unique ancient temple in our country. So what is so special about this temple and attracts tourists?

Keo Thai Binh Pagoda – The unique ancient temple in Vietnam
The pagoda still retains its original ancient features

The ancient temple of Vietnamese Buddhism

Vietnam is a country heavily influenced by Buddhism. Over thousands of years up to now, Buddhism has always been the belief of most of the people of our country. To show and commemorate those who have made merit, the Buddha deities that temples began to build thousands of years ago reflect the spiritual life of the people from time to time. Among the architecture of the pagoda system in our country, it is impossible not to mention Keo Thai Binh pagoda . 

Built during the period of peak Buddhist development in the Ly – Tran dynasties, Keo Thai Binh Pagoda is considered “a wooden artistic masterpiece, typical of ancient Vietnamese architecture in the sixteenth century. According to historical records, the Zen master Duong Khong Lo – one of the monks who made a huge contribution to the construction of Vietnamese Buddhism was the one who set a milestone and made great contributions to the to build Keo Thai Binh pagoda . Later when Duc Duong Khong Lo Vien passed away, he was worshiped in the temple. In 1167 the reign of King Ly Anh Tong, the king came to the mat to change the name of Nghiem Quang pagoda to Than Quang pagoda to commemorate Mr. Duong Khong Lo.

Keo Pagoda is the oldest temple in Vietnam today

 Unique architecture of Keo Thai Binh pagoda

Historically, there have been many records of the beauty of Keo Thai Binh pagoda . Under the Ly dynasty, there still existed an epitaph which said “The place of worshiping Buddha of the South was everywhere, but only Than Quang pagoda in Dung Nhue area, Giao Thuy village (Nom village was Keo village) was the place of fame. won the first place from North to South… ”. Today’s Keo Thai Binh Pagoda is an architectural complex consisting of many different work items. The government and people here always try and preserve the original status of some works, but under the impact of time and war, many items have been restored and embellished.   

Keo Pagoda is considered as an architectural masterpiece in feudal times

Keo Thai Binh Pagoda has a very unique architectural style. With mainly wooden materials and intricate carvings, this place has a distinctive style, different from the temples of the same age. This place consists of 21 works with 157 rooms including works such as Buddhist pagoda, holy temple, bell tower, hallway and monastery …. Especially, it is important to mention the unique system of three landscapes of Keo Thai Binh pagoda because it contains many of the best architectural masterpieces of that period. The best artisans of that period carved wooden trees with symbols of Dai Viet culture at that time as the image of the dragon mascot, showing the prosperity and strength of the regime. 

The Buddhist temple complex is home to the largest concentration of Buddha statues of high artistic value in the 17th and 18th centuries, such as Tuyet Son, La Han, Bodhisattva statue … The holy temple to worship Duong Khong Lo – The great monk of the Ly dynasty is connected to the Buddhist worship area, including the whip court, the incense burning court, the patriarchal court and the upper palace. These works one after another to form a very strange public typeface structure.

Festival of Keo pagoda  

In order to continue and promote the precious traditional values ​​that their fathers have left, Thai Binh government and people have organized the Keo pagoda festival with many interesting festival activities. Assembly Keo Pagoda Pacific  took place two festivals: The Spring and Autumn Meeting The Spring Festival took place on January 4 with folk festivals such as duck catching competition, cannonball contest, rice cooking contest … historical association characteristics, associated with the life of monk Khong Lo. In addition to sacrifices, ceremonies, processions, the festival also contests swimming on the river and swimming rituals to worship the Holy Lord, frog season …

Opposition singing is an annual activity at Keo pagoda festival

Over thousands of years of existence, despite being destroyed by the vestiges of wars and times, but with the spirit of drinking water, remember its source, the architecture of Keo Thai Binh pagoda has always been preserved and preserved. status until today. This is not only a tourist destination but also an image reflecting national history. If you have the opportunity to visit Thai Binh, you should visit this ancient temple.

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