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Top 5 famous temples in Quang Tri attract tourists to visit

Not only attractive to the majestic historical sites, beaches and landscapes, Quang Tri fire land also owns pagodas with beautiful architecture. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most popular temples in Quang Tri today for the upcoming trip. 

Famous temples in Quang Tri 

Here is a list of famous temples in Quang Tri that you can refer to in your upcoming trip:     

1. Dien Tho Pagoda

  • Address: Dien Sanh Village, Hai Tho Commune, Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province

Dien Tho Pagoda, also known as Dien An Pagoda, is located in Dien Sanh village, Hai Tho commune, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province. From Dien Sanh junction to Dien Tho pagoda about 4km, very convenient for travel. Dien Tho is a pagoda in the Buddhist sect of Bac Tong, and there are still traces of Buddha statue and the altar of the Cham. 

Top 5 famous temples in Quang Tri attract tourists to visit

Dien Tho Quang Tri Pagoda

This temple in Quang Tri was built on an area of ​​about 5000 square meters. The front area of ​​the temple is the lotus lake, behind is the residential area, on the right is a forest of trees and on the left of the temple is a large open land. At present, Dien Tho pagoda is no longer able to maintain the same architecture as before, but has undergone many restoration phases and has its present appearance. Dien Tho pagoda includes Tam Quan Gate, Tang Dynasty, Quan Tam Radio, Tien Duong Station and the main hall. Dien Tho Pagoda is a destination that you should not miss when visiting Quang Tri to learn architecture and spirituality. 

Dien Tho Quang Tri Pagoda has an area to worship Our Lady of La Vang

2. Sac Tu Tinh Quang family

  • Address: Ai Tu town, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province

Referring to the famous pagodas in Quang Tri, we cannot ignore the Sac Quaternary Tinh Quang, once conferred by the Nguyen Dynasty lord. The temple is located in Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province, belongs to the Northern Buddhism sect and is recognized as a national historical and cultural relic.

Sac Tu Tinh Quang Quang Tri’s family

To visit Tinh Quang pagoda, you will pass a row of green trees planted on either side to reach the main hall. The area of ​​the ancestral Buddha’s house is decorated with great solemnity. The main hall is located in the middle of worshiping Tam The Buddha, in the pagoda there is a bronze Buddha statue and a large drum. Visiting Sac Tu Tinh Quang Family, visitors will enjoy the tranquil moments, admire the beautiful scenery and learn about the architecture of this famous temple.

Sac Tu Tinh Quang Quang Tri family has a cool green space

3. Long An Temple

  • Address: Xuan An Village, Trieu Thuong Commune, Trieu Phong District, Quang Tri Province

The next pagodas in Quang Tri are named Long An pagoda in Trieu Thuong commune, Trieu Phong district. Long An Quang Tri Pagoda has a front view overlooking the Thach Han River, impressive with architecture like Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue. If you are looking for a destination to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, Long An Pagoda is the ideal choice. 

Long An Quang Tri Pagoda has a unique architecture

Long An pagoda is designed in the way of the three mandarins, with the two sides of the temple yard being the bronze bell and the statue of Quan Am Bo Tat, adding more majesty. The temple has a large area, designed with the church, the main hall and the house. The main hall is made of wood, worshiping mandarin, guru, three world and local organs. Coming to Long An pagoda, visitors will learn about the unique architecture of the pagoda with the age of hundreds of years old. Enjoy the beauty of Thach Han River, watch the sunset and relax your soul in this tranquil place. 

The space of Long An Quang Tri pagoda

4. Binh Trung Temple

  • Address: Ha Chau Village, Gio Chau Commune, Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province

Binh Trung is one of the famous temples in Quang Tri that many tourists love and come to. Binh Trung pagoda is also known as Bao Dong pagoda and has great significance in history. The location of the temple was built as the precinct of the ancient Cham tower temple, recognized as a historical and cultural relic in 2009. According to recorded history, in the 15th century, Dai Viet people moved to pagoda and using stone to build this place to worship Buddha. By 1703, Mr. Tran Dinh An used the pagoda as a place for spiritual practice and built a stele house in front of the pagoda with poems written when he came back to the village. 

Binh Trung Pagoda has a unique architecture

Currently, the remains of Binh Trung pagoda are the ruins of the Cham Pa temple in the form of ruins located close to the temple’s premises, the main point is the stone foundation. The base area of ​​the tower has a total area of ​​up to 120 square meters, divided into ranks, carved delicately according to Cham culture. Prominent is two stone pillars with square cross-section, the head and body are typical squares of the ancient Champa period. Coming to Binh Hung Pagoda, visitors will admire the cultural heritage of the ancient Cham people with unique architecture. 

Worship area of ​​Buddha statue of Binh Trung pagoda

5. Cam Lo Pagoda

  • Address: Cam Lo town, Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province

Cam Lo Pagoda is about 10km from the center of Dong Ha city, located on the majestic Hieu River. In the temples in Quang Tri , Cam Lo is the place that witnessed the heroic historical events of the people of the land of heroic fire. In particular, Cam Lo Pagoda holds the record “Giac Nhien Stupa worships Buddha and the largest Xa Loi in Vietnam”. 

Cam Lo Quang Tri Pagoda

Visiting Cam Lo Pagoda, visitors will admire the stupa consisting of 10 floors and up to 38m in height, built-in 2012. Coming to Cam Lo Pagoda, visitors will admire the unique architecture and pure soul. . 

Cam Lo Quang Tri Pagoda has a unique architecture

That is a list of famous temples in Quang Tri that attract tourists today. Hopefully, the above consultation information will help you better understand these spiritual places in Quang Tri and choose the most suitable destination.

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