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Buffalo meat with leaves – A rustic specialty that is famous near and far of the Quang Tri people

The sweetness of buffalo meat blends with the characteristic pungent smell of the leaves to create an irresistible dish, making diners fall in love at first taste.

Leaves (also known as bare leaves) are a type of thorny leaves that often grow wild in the mountains of Quang Tri. Leaves are smooth to the touch, with small sharp spines at the edges and posterior veins.

Young leaves have a distinct aroma and a bit of pungent flavor, often used in rolls with grilled buffalo meat, steamed buffalo meat, or thinly sliced ​​when making stir-fried buffalo meat.


Young leaves have a distinct aroma and a bit of pungent (Photo: Ipa Quangtri)

To have a delicious buffalo meat dish, the chef must know how to choose the right ingredients. Meat used to prepare grilled, steamed or stir-fried dishes must be young buffalo meat, ensuring sweetness, freshness, and not chewiness. The unique flavor in each dish conquers even the most “difficult” diners.

Buffalo meat is average, sweet, cool, non-toxic, useful for gas, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strong bones and tendons, nourishing the body, and draining… In terms of health, buffalo meat is better than beef. People who are sick in any organ should choose that part of the buffalo to cook with, which has a very good therapeutic effect.

Buffalo meat with leaves – A rustic specialty that is famous near and far of the Quang Tri people

Buffalo meat is average, sweet, cool, useful, and nutritious (Photo: monngontrungbo)

For a long time, delicious and nutritious dishes made from buffalo meat have become a favorite specialty of many people such as buffalo meat in the kitchen, buffalo meat with lom leaves, salted buffalo skin, and buffalo meat in batches… In Quang Tri, buffalo meat is usually processed into two main dishes:

Stir-fried buffalo meat with smooth leaves

Buffalo meat is washed, drained, sliced ​​thinly across the grain, and marinated with garlic, pepper, chili and a little cooking oil. Leaves are washed, drained, and sliced.

Stir-fried buffalo meat with smooth leaves is very good for people with aches and pains (Photo: luhanhvietnam)

Stir-fry garlic, chili, add buffalo meat to stir-fry, then scoop out and set aside. Add a little oil, add onions to the island. When the onions are ripe, add buffalo meat and leaves to the island for about 2 more minutes.

The dish is attractive and extremely delicious because of the slightly spicy, pungent taste of the leaves combined with the rich sweet buffalo meat.

The slight pungent smell of the leaves mixed with sweet buffalo meat (Photo: luhanhvietnam)

The leaves are warm and resistant to welding, so the stir-fried buffalo meat with leaves is very good for people who often have cold hands and feet or the elderly who often have aches and pains in joints.

Grilled buffalo meat rolled with smooth leaves

With this processing method, after washing, and draining, people will cut buffalo meat into medium pieces, and marinated it with spices. Spread the guise leaves evenly on both sides of the iron grid, then arrange the buffalo meat in the middle, clamp the griddle and grill on the charcoal stove.

Meat used for processing must be young buffalo meat (Photo: Quangtri)

At this time, the chef has to quickly turn over and skillfully watch the fire evenly so that the grill does not burn. When you see that the skin of the guava leaves is scorched, the meat inside is soft, the outside turns brown, the piece of meat will shrink, and the aroma is fragrant.

The meat after grilling will be sliced ​​into thin slices, and placed on a plate with coriander leaves, vegetables, chili, garlic and green pepper. The cooked meat is soft, the inside is pink with a layer of golden fat covering the surface. Those who like to eat spicily often roll grilled buffalo meat with coriander leaves, and cabbage leaves, served with garlic and green pepper, dipping chili sauce to make the dish more rich and attractive.

Delicious sweetness in each fiber of soft cooked buffalo meat (Photo: Ngoc Y)

Diners will clearly feel the delicious sweetness in each soft ripe buffalo meat, the familiar smell of guise leaves mixed with the spicy coriander leaves to create an extremely unique flavor.

If you want to experience the rich flavor, you should enjoy stir-fried buffalo meat with smooth leaves, and if you like the soft sweet style, choose grilled buffalo meat with pepper, chili, vegetables dipped in chili sauce. Delicious dishes from buffalo meat with smooth leaves are extremely suitable for “spicy” in cold days.

Grilled buffalo meat rolled with coriander leaves (Photo: Ngoc Y)

If you have the opportunity to visit the ancient citadel of Quang Tri, visit Vinh Moc tunnels, Hien Luong bridge, and Ben Hai river, check in at the “17 day and night parallel”…, in addition to enjoying the dishes with a typical spicy – salty sound. of the Central region such as lemongrass heart, turmeric vermicelli, great-grand vermicelli, and bed porridge, you should not miss the famous specialty “buffalo meat with smooth leaves”!!!