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The “super rotten” dish that few people dare to try of the Northwest people

 The rotten buffalo skin dish of the Thai people in the Northwest makes not everyone dare to try, but this is a specialty for those who like to discover “unique” flavors.

Rotten buffalo skin, also known as dung min, is a typical dish of the Thai people in the Northwest. The raw material to make this dish is buffalo skin. After preliminary processing, buffalo skin is wrapped in banana leaves and incubated for about two days depending on weather conditions. 

In summer weather, high temperatures make buffalo skin “rotten” faster. In the winter, people have to incubate for a few more days before taking it out for processing.

The “super rotten” dish that few people dare to try of the Northwest people
After incubation, the smelly buffalo skin will be washed. (Photo: Ytimg)

After a period of incubation, the smelly buffalo skin is washed, the hair will fall off. After that, people bring the skin to dry, then use it to cook soup, cook banana flowers or bake depending on their preference.

For locals, this is a specialty with a distinctive taste. But for many people, just hearing the name and smelling the smell did not want to enjoy this unique dish.

With this dish of rotten buffalo skin, Thai people often use it to cook banana flower soup or bake it depending on their preference. (Photo: Ytimg)

It is known that in addition to rotten buffalo skin, the Northwest highlanders are also famous for their kitchen buffalo skin. Buffalo skin keeps the kitchen for many months but still retains its characteristic taste, especially sweetness, accompanied by the strange aroma of wood clinging to the skin.

To make kitchen buffalo skin, buffalo skin is soaked in water for many hours, until soft, then cut into small pieces. Next, buffalo skin is marinated with spices such as chili, lemongrass, salt, main noodles, and mac Khen and then processed into soup or mannequin of buffalo skin, salted buffalo skin, etc. Follow Dan trí

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