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Lam Dong buffalo skin Bitter – a delicious dish from the Central Highlands

Ethnic minorities of the K’Ho and Chu Ru have been living in desolate mountains for a long time, but not so, they lack good specialties. For example, Lam Dong buffalo skin bitter gourd dish is not only delicious but also supports health and cure diseases very well. 

Where does Lam Dong buffalo skin bittern from?

Ethnic minorities of K’Ho and Chu Ru in the Di Linh plateau or Lac Duong, Lam Dong have long ago had isolated lives in the deep forest, living conditions are far away from the market, so food mostly comes from Mountain brought home. 

In their culinary culture, they possess many unique and memorable delicious dishes. But in general, they all focus on ensuring the health, fighting against typical diseases such as bitter egg cooked with buffalo skin.

Lam Dong buffalo skin Bitter – a delicious dish from the Central Highlands
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Discovering Lam Dong cuisine, in addition to familiar dishes, do not forget to go deep into the villages to enjoy a map of unique specialties. Lam Dong buffalo skin has been here for a long time. Even when asked, it is difficult for the Elderly to know for sure when it was born. 

Only knowing from the time of birth to the time of returning to the thousands in the meals of grandmother, mother and sister makes the family always have a familiar shape of this dish, eat well and become familiar and become a food never before. short. 

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Bitter Cauliflower is a very close fruit, they grow wild everywhere in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. It always bears fruit all year round, although it is only as small as a finger, but it is delicious. Dark green color with white stripes characteristic like a small melon, can be processed into many different dishes such as: crushed mixed with salt and green pepper or cooked with dried, braised bitter tomatoes, … with flavors Despite its own specialties, the strawberry skin tomato dish still becomes the top choice that everyone has to compliment.

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Bitter buffalo skin – a simple and healthy dish

For ethnic people all year round living in mountainous areas, difficult to travel, so they get used to self-sufficiency. But coffee bitter Lam Dong buffalo leather is not too noble dish, cooked from the production of animal breeding and research people are but a combination of many unique spices. Creating a very healthy specialty dish that cannot be found everywhere. 

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It has many effects on health, stimulates digestion and prevents diseases such as: gout, bone pain, rheumatism, diabetes, obesity, … Talking can be unbelievable but people K ‘Ho, Chu Ru grew up with this folk food since childhood, so everyone’s body is supple and healthy. Although I go to the fields and work hard every day, I have no back pain or falter and live well. 

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Bitter tomato is so familiar that since the past, because of the lack of conditions to go to the market to buy food regularly and often have a habit of storing, people here, after earning, still brought them to dry. Then give a bag of rice, also known as a Poet to eat gradually, when you want to cook or treat, you only need to bring it to a little boiled, you can cook in many different ways without losing the taste. still fresh. An excellent delicacy deserves Lam Dong specialties, which deserves wide introduction.

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Learn how to make a sophisticated process of buffalo skin delicious dishes in Lam Dong

Bitter tomatoes are easy to process, can be cooked into many delicious dishes, but perhaps the bitter melon is probably the unique flavor that is hard to match. Because in order to cook it properly, it is guaranteed to be very picky from the selection of ingredients to how to process the finished product. First, choose bitter tomatoes, you must use non-young or old biscuits, buffalo skin too to have enough toughness. 

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Especially, the firewood for boiling buffalo skin in Lam Dong must also choose which kind to burn. This will help in the cooking process not to hinder, keep the heat for a long time, the bitter coffee pot is always in a boiling state. For the preliminary processing of fresh buffalo skin, just shave off the hair and cut it. As for the dry buffalo skin, you need to bake it briefly over the fire to scrape it clean, beat it to soften and rinse.

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Next, for easy eating, you will cut into pieces with 2 fingers and then boil the water over and over again to make the water clear. Add a bit of bone to sweeten the juice and the whole eggplant and continue to cook until both types are tender. Tasting is not too fussy, just a little salt and monosodium glutamate. When it’s almost done, add a few green peppers and lots of guise leaves to smell and bring out the fire. 

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How to make bitter egg buffalo Lam Dong undergoes a lot of steps and time to blend the full flavor. When you eat, you will feel the buffalo skin rich in pulp, the pungent taste to the sweat of the chili, the guise leaves are fragrant. From the senses to the unique taste, the land of the Central Highlands can not go anywhere, but only the land here and the people here make it. 

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Lam Dong is immense and vast are hills and mountains, wild forests. The life of indigenous people has come up from difficulties and struggles, but the traditional dishes associated with them have always been preserved through generations. 

Not only is the culture, but it is also a beauty to promote to domestic and foreign tourists. If you have the opportunity to come here, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicious dish and feel all your love in it! It will be hard to forget. 

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