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6 types of vermicelli in Saigon that come to mind

In addition to crab vermicelli, diners can also enjoy octopus vermicelli, dried shrimp, duck meat… strange mouth.

6 types of vermicelli in Saigon that come to mind
Shrimp vermicelli with dried shrimp paste consists of the main ingredients: dried shrimp, tomatoes, and fat can add fried rolls, silk rolls, cinnamon rolls according to the preferences of diners. At first glance, the ingredients are very simple, but with a traditional recipe of more than 50 years, the noodle dish has its own characteristics and is loved by many Saigon people. The broth is cooked from dried shrimp, washed, and then cooked until soft, considered sweet, fragrant, without a pungent smell. A bowl of vermicelli served with shredded water spinach, bananas, bean sprouts and herbs. Diners can add shrimp paste, lemon or fresh chili to taste better. Photo: @foodholicvn/Instagram
Noodles without snails, without crabs at Ben Thanh market attract customers with clear, rich broth with natural bright yellow color. According to the owner, the vermicelli here has no springs, no crabs, no snails, the highlight is the thick meatballs seasoned to taste, the chewy duck blood, hot tofu dipped with tamarind sauce mixed with chili sauce. The vermicelli dish is appreciated by diners as mouth-watering, rustic without adding a lot of spices when enjoying. Photo: Huynh Nhi
Strange octopus vermicelli with cooked, crispy, medium-sized octopus meat, combined with other ingredients such as spring rolls, blood, crab sauce, fried tofu mixed in a sweet and fragrant broth . When enjoying octopus vermicelli, diners often add shrimp paste, the dish will be richer and more satisfying. Noodle soup is also sold with vermicelli soup, also with the above ingredients. Photo: @fyuichi/Instagram
Sea crab vermicelli, fried snails are used by the owner to cook instead of field crabs. Noodle bowl without blood, no tofu, only sea crab soup, crab spring rolls, spring rolls, snails and sliced ​​tomatoes, add green onions on top. The greasy part of sea crab meat combined with fried snail satay is considered the highlight of the dish, in addition, the crab cake is squarely cut, fragrant with dried shrimp, has a fatty, crispy taste of mushrooms inside to make the dish. delicious. Diners appreciate the sweet and fragrant broth mixed with the spicy taste of fried snail satay. Photo: @karla.foodblog/Instagram
Vermicelli with duck eggs is full of fat, deep-fried tofu is golden brown, sprouted, spring rolls and broth are seasoned to taste, fragrant with scallions and fried onions. Boiled eggs are peeled and put in a bowl to eat, the fatty taste of the eggs makes the dish more delicious, but the dish can make customers shy if they are afraid to eat the young in the egg. Raw vegetables served with lettuce, bananas and herbs, diners can add kumquats, fresh chili and shrimp paste as they like or make their own cups for topping. Photo: Vi Yen
Duck vermicelli looks plump with boiled duck meat, blood and herbs covered. Called vermicelli, but the ingredients do not have crab sauce, the broth is cooked from duck meat, dried shrimp, and seasoned tomatoes, just mouth-watering and rustic. Duck meat is commented by diners to be lean, boiled, carefully made without bad smell, dipped with ginger fish sauce even more. The bowl of vermicelli has 2 types of blood to eat, especially the sticky blood is hot, crispy on the outside, flexible on the inside. Diners can order extra propellers, heads or wings depending on their preference. Photo: PM FOOD TRAVEL/YouTube

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