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Steamed chicken with lotus leaves is sweet and fragrant to welcome autumn

The dish is a blend of sweetness from chicken, the aroma of ginger and herbal medicine, leaves, and lotus flowers; lotus seeds.

Hanoi is entering early autumn with cool, fresh air. Let’s take advantage of the leaves and lotus flowers at the end of the season to exchange dishes for the whole family with sweet and fragrant lotus leaf steamed chicken.

With this method, the sweetness of the chicken will blend with the hot aroma of ginger, herbal medicine, the friable taste of lotus seeds, and the gentle aroma of lotus leaves and flowers. The recipe is simple and quick, with just a few steps, the whole family can gather together to enjoy a new nutritious dish, dispel stress in the days of isolation and strengthen health to fight the epidemic. already.

Steamed chicken with lotus leaves is sweet and fragrant to welcome autumn
The chicken is fragrant, eye-catching with the bright yellow color of the chicken skin, and the meat is tender and sweet.

Ingredients: (4-5 people)

– Whole chicken (1.4-1.6 kg).

– Fresh lotus seeds: 200 grams.

– 3 fresh lotus leaves, lotus flowers.

– The package of Chinese medicine includes Yi Yi, Ky Tu, red apple.

– Spices: fish sauce, seasoning powder, turmeric powder.


Step 1: Marinate the chicken.

Wash chicken with salt and drain. Then marinate with a little turmeric powder, smashed ginger, fresh lotus seeds, lotus petals, syllables, goji berries, red apple, a little fish sauce, and seasoning for 1 hour

Step 2:

Stuffing lotus seeds into the chicken belly with the marinated ingredients above, then wrap the chicken in 2 lotus leaves and steam it in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. It can be replaced with a regular pot using a steamer if a pressure cooker is not available.

Finished products:

Chicken is cooked to an eye-catching aroma with the bright yellow color of chicken skin, the meat is softer and sweeter than normal boiled chicken, eaten with fresh lotus seeds and red apple which is very good for health. You can use fresh lotus leaves and the remaining lotus petals to make the dish more beautiful and attractive.

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