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5 types of Dong Thap (Vietnam) specialties are always popular with tourists, delicious, rustic but full of character

Not only does it have many famous tourist destinations, but Dong Thap is also full of famous specialties from near and far.

With an area spanning both banks of the Tien River, Dong Thap is famous for its rich rice fields running along peaceful canals and primeval forests, which are especially impressive in the hearts of domestic and foreign tourists. 

Not only does it have a brilliant nature, but this Southwestern region also has many attractive "tourism coordinates". But let's share those interesting things with people at home through gifts that show the cultural characteristics of this land!

1. Dong Thap lotus seeds

Dong Thap lotus is famous and can be processed into many nutritious dishes.

With a gift of Dong Thap lotus seeds, you can express your affection and care for the health of your relatives and friends.

- Reference price: About 130,000 - 250,000 VND/kg.

- Suggested place to buy: Dam Sen ecological cuisine area, My Phu ward, Cao Lanh, Dong Thap...

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2. Lai Vung tangerine

Lai Vung tangerines are succulent, thin-skinned, fragrant and sweet and have a red-orange colour when ripe. Visitors can also visit the garden houses here during the ripe tangerine season.

- Reference price: About 30,000 - 60,000 VND/kg.

- Suggested place to buy: Hai Kiet Tangerine Garden, Lai Vung district, Dong Thap...


3. Cao Lanh mango

Cat Cao Lanh mango has a rich, sweet taste that cannot be found elsewhere. When you eat, you will see the mango gradually melt in your mouth, sweet and delicious, completely different from many mango flavors in other regions.

- Reference price: About 30,000 - 70,000 VND/kg.

- Suggested place to buy: Ly Hien mango barn, Tinh Thoi commune, Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap...

4. Sa Giang shrimp chips

Currently, Sa Giang shrimp crackers specialties have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world. The cake is made from refined cassava flour (tapioca flour), pureed shrimp meat, and finely ground pepper. At the same time, combine with spices such as salt, sugar, MSG... People can also replace shrimp meat with crab meat or some other seafood.

However, when buying this specialty, you must be careful to find the right reputable place to buy it, avoiding buying fake or floating poor-quality goods.

- Reference price: Special type 20,000 VND/box of 200 grams.

- Suggested purchasing address: Thinh Phat Store, No. 6 Tran Hung Dao, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province...


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5. Dried Hong Ngu snakehead fish

This specialty is also most popular with tourists because of its rustic and unique flavor.

Another thing is its convenience. With this specialty, you can buy it to take away as a gift or to give to relatives and friends. After vacuuming, the finished product can be preserved for up to 6 months.

- Reference price: 250,000 - 300,000 VND/kg.

- Suggested place to buy: Hong Ngu Dry Market, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Hong Ngu City, An Thanh Ward, Dong Thap Province...


Wishing everyone a happy trip and buying many delicious and meaningful specialties!

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