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Unique “hand-tired” dish that “fascinates” diners of the Central region

Cake Dap in Central is a popular cake with a unique way of eating and a gift that “fascinates” visitors to enjoy.

The Central region has long been famous for many unique specialties and delicious dishes. In addition to famous dishes such as Banh Xeo, Banh Can, Quang noodles, etc., there are also popular cakes associated with the childhood of many people in this land.

The usual battered cake consists of 2 ingredients with the outside being a crispy rice paper and the inside is a soft, wet cake. Many people explain the strange name that because the baked rice paper is often warped, the wet rice paper is difficult to access the hollows, so people often use their hands to “beat” so that the two rice papers stick together. Again. At that time, the newly broken piece of cake is neat and delicious to eat.

Unique “hand-tired” dish that “fascinates” diners of the Central region
Banh dam, also known as rice paper, is a dish associated with the history and tradition of the Central people. (Photo: diembezn).

It is a popular dish, but the processing is very artistic and requires the processor to be really skillful. To make a delicious pound cake, the wet cake must be made from fragrant rice flour, freshly rotated, mixed with water in the standard ratio so that the cake when cooked is not too hard or too soft. When rolling the cake, you have to stir the flour evenly, so the wet cake will be soft.

After being coated, the wet cake will be spread on the hot baked rice paper, add a little shrimp, onion fat and minced meat and then fold it. After the layer of rice paper cools down, it will be crispy, very attractive to eat. However, depending on the local characteristics, there are places that will make different fillings such as minced pork, fried mussels, … or coated with eggs to give the cake a new flavor.

As a rustic dish, but pound cake has a very elaborate way of processing and takes a long time. (Photo: mebimsuakoi).

The way to enjoy the cake is extremely special and interesting, making many diners extremely excited. When eating cake, diners have to lightly tap the cake to break it into small pieces. In the wet cake layer, there will be some rice paper and eat it directly without using chopsticks.

Enjoy the hotcakes, which are both crispy, soft, and slightly fatty. (Photo: buncatran).

When eating this dish, you can eat cake without dipping sauce or eat it with grilled meat, boiled meat or pork intestines… Eating Banh dam is indispensable for a cup of fish sauce seasoned with the typical spicy taste of coastal people. Fold the cake in half, dip it in a cup of fish sauce and enjoy. The crispiness of the rice paper, the softness of the wet cake, blends together in the richness of the seasoning sauce, and the fragrant, golden grilled meat brings a very interesting taste.

Each cake is quite cheap, only ranges from 10,000 – 15,000 VND, while waiting to enjoy the delicious hotcakes, you can admire the skillful baking process of the chef. very interesting thing.

If you have the opportunity to travel to the central coastal provinces, in addition to visiting the beautiful scenery and enjoying the rich seafood dishes here, do not forget to look for and taste once the rustic, rustic pound cake. but unforgettable taste of the people here.

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