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7 Travel Trends in 2024

Prioritizing exploring local cuisine and choosing impromptu trips instead of pre-arranged vacations are the trends of tourists in the coming year.

The above information was announced by the Netherlands-based booking application Booking in the latest report on Travel Trends Research 2024 on November 7. The results are based on research on travel trends of nearly 28,000 tourists in 33 countries and territories combined with Booking data. Survey participants are all adults planning to travel for business or pleasure in the next 12-24 months.

Pursuing a new self is one of the 7 travel trends of 2024. Creating a majestic version of yourself when travelling will help visitors feel excited during their trips.

76% feel that vacation is an opportunity to enjoy themselves to the fullest, to escape from daily constraints and to live with their true personality. 56% said they will pay more to rent a better car than they usually drive to gain more confidence. 65% of Vietnamese guests say they feel like the "main character" on their trips and want to be the "star of their life". 78% of respondents said they wanted to be anonymous when travelling so no one would know who they were and saw it as an opportunity to renew themselves. Travel, therefore, brings a new personal interface for tourists to share online.

"Cool" vacations are the second trend mentioned. The global climate is warming, increasing the number of tourists looking for destinations that help them escape the heat. 75% of Vietnamese guests said global climate change will significantly impact how they plan to travel and will choose a place cooler than where they currently stay.

82% of Vietnamese guests like to stay near the sea or river because it brings a feeling of relaxation and cools the soul. This leads to underwater resort and relaxation services expected to rise next year, such as underwater meditation, floating yoga, and hydrotherapy. Mountain resorts, places covered in snow or hotels under the sea will be places that many tourists pay attention to in 2024.

The third travel trend is Letting go of control. Travellers in 2024 tend to choose spontaneous adventures. 62% of respondents would only book a trip if they researched the destination in advance. They want to skip pre-arranged vacations and explore new, little-known lands with strangers. Nearly 60% of Vietnamese tourists said they would not plan before going on vacation, and 81% would have a flexible plan to change their schedule at any time desired. 65% of Vietnamese tourists trust AI to help them plan their travel next year.

Culinary explorers are the fourth trend. 73% of Vietnamese tourists want to discover dishes on the "must try" list when visiting a new place. 94% of Vietnamese guests want to try local cuisine and explore traditional flavors.

Indigenous tourism experiences are forecast to grow strongly in 2024, taking visitors on culinary journeys and engaging stories, bringing more pride and income to communities around the globe.

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Retreating and healing is a trend that everyone is aiming for next year. In the face of constant changes in many places, tourists will aim for trips that help them develop themselves and find the life they want.

62% of single Vietnamese travelers spend time on vacation looking for a new love or lover. Parents who are tired and busy with daily life are also more likely to book personal vacations. 66% of parent travelers living in the Asia-Pacific region said they would go out alone without their children or spouse to "prioritize time for themselves".

Besides, optimizing budget and prioritizing luxury travel is also the trend of next year. Travellers will cut costs on unnecessary things and use these savings to exchange for a high-class vacation experience like the upper class.

48% of respondents chose destinations with a lower cost of living than where they are staying. Travelling close to home attracts guests looking for less expensive but luxurious vacations. 66% of Vietnamese tourists are willing to buy daily tickets to use amenities in 5-star hotels instead of staying there to enjoy the services. 66% said they would take their children out of school to travel during the low season to cut costs.

Aesthetics coupled with mindfulness is the final trend of 2024 that Booking predicts. 73% of Vietnamese tourists look for accommodation facilities with unique architecture and high aesthetics while still solving environmental and social challenges.

78% of respondents want to see sustainable initiatives in practice, and 83% want rooms designed with green spaces and plants that simulate natural scenery outside.

Varun Grover, Country Director of Vietnam, said that travelling in 2024 is not simply an escape from real life but also a way for us to enjoy life with passion and excitement. The fact that Vietnamese tourists maintain their desire to explore more sustainably and respect the cultural heritage of the places they visit is a "very encouraging" sign, according to Varun.

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