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Why does Quang Binh water fern cake make visitors nostalgic?

Quang Binh water fern cake impresses diners by the aroma of rice, the sweetness of shrimp, and the mouth-watering dipping sauce that will create a delicious combination of flavors.

Quang Binh water fern cake is an idyllic dish but contains the cultural beauty of the local people. Traveling to Quang Binh, visitors can easily find water fern cake stalls everywhere. Water fern cake - a famous specialty food of Quang Binh you should try whenever you have the opportunity to visit.
Water fern cake is a specialty of many localities, not only Quang Binh has it. However, the way of processing, presentation and taste is different from place to place, with special regional flavors.

In Hue, Da Nang or Saigon, water fern cake is often presented in small bowls with burnt shrimp sprinkled on top, even Southern people also make sweet green bean paste to eat with it. However, Dong Hoi (Quang Binh) is completely different.

Going to Quang Binh without enjoying the famous delicious burnt shrimp water fern cake once is really a pity. Dong Hoi is a coastal city with abundant seafood resources, so people always choose fresh shrimp to burn. The water fern cake here is soft and fragrant with the smell of new rice, the burnt yellow shrimp is rich in flavor combined with sweet and salty fish sauce which is extremely flavorful.

In addition to delicious water fern cake, Quang Binh specialties are also famous for many other delicious dishes waiting for you to discover. Each dish has a delicious, unique taste and brings many interesting emotions to diners.

Quang Binh water fern cake is one of the special dishes that tourists love very much. It is made from basic ingredients with delicate processing, bringing an attractive taste.

Here are some delicious restaurants in Quang Binh that tourists should visit to enjoy burnt shrimp water fern cake: Aunt Tiep's Banh Beo (29 Le Thanh Dong, Dong Hoi city); Banh Beo Quang Binh - Ms. Van (82 Le Thanh Dong, Dong Hoi City); Banh Beo Quang Binh - Tu Quy (17 Co Tam, Dong Hoi city); Banh Beo Quang Binh - Con (Cross 3 Ngo Gia Tu - To Huu, Dong Hoi City)...

Source: VTCNews

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