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Crystal stalactites, jade lake in Thoòng valley

QUANG BINH – On the journey to explore the caves in Thoòng valley, visitors will swim through the jade-colored lake, and watch the stalactites like crystal, and cave pearls…

The People’s Committee of Quang Binh province has allowed the pilot tour “Discovering Thoòng Valley” for 12 months. Hung in the Phong Nha language is valley. Thoòng Valley is located in the middle of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, surrounded by a system of millions of years old limestone mountains and primeval forests.

Exploring Thoòng valley, visitors will be able to see the emerald green lakes in the cave. Tour 3 days 2 nights, including exploring three caves: Hung, Tron and Thung caves, trekking in the middle of the jungle, swimming in the cave, swinging over cliffs…

The first cave in the journey is Hung Cave (pictured). This is the cave with the most magnificent stalactite system on the tour. Large stalactites connect directly from the ceiling of the cave.

In addition to stalactites, Hung cave also has a system of stalactites like crystal straws. This stalactite is formed from the ceiling of the cave, the inside is hollow. There is always a drop of water at the top of each emulsion.

The gems in Hung Cave are like eggs of various sizes.

Next is Thung cave. To go deep inside Thung cave, visitors will swim across a lake about 30 meters wide.

Surrounded by a limestone system, when the lights are on, the lakes appear turquoise. Behind the lake are stalactites.

The entrance to Tron cave, the next cave in the journey.

Round Cave is half dry and half wet. Inside the cave there are lakes and underground rivers. Visitors are forced to swim or paddle SUP in the dark cave to get out the back door to continue the journey. The experience of swimming in a cave can be overwhelming because you don’t know when it will end.

In addition to the cave, visitors can also witness streams appearing and disappearing among the rocks. The stream was flowing open-air, to a point flowing underground under the rock, and then suddenly appeared again.

The camping area is located in the middle of Phong Nha – Ke Bang primeval forest, an experience in the tour.

The tour is for guests aged 15 years and over, not exceeding 20 people per group, and can be operated in all months of the year, except for days with storms or floods. At the request of the People’s Committee, the management and exploitation unit must monitor the weather to ensure safety, arrange a reasonable sightseeing route, not duplicate and bring the best experience.

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