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A detailed review of Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh super dreamy view

Stretching along the banks of Ha Loi stream with a special location right in the center of the Phong Nha Ke Bang tourist area, Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh is currently a peaceful and interesting resort for all visitors.

About Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh

Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh is located in Ha Loi village, Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, located in the center of Phong Nha Ke Bang tourist area . The resort is located on the banks of the poetic Ha Loi stream, so it is very convenient for visitors to visit and explore the dense cave system. 

A detailed review of Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh super dreamy view
Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh

Poetic beauty at Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh 

Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh  is a resort model that adapts to climate change. Guests will experience resting in a smart wooden house from Pinewood. The wooden house here is designed in the form of a “flood house” operated by a modern floating buoy system. There is also a multi-layer insulation system in each room to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

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With a poetic terrain, a row of smart wooden houses stretches on dreamy green lawns, with their backs leaning against the majestic high mountains, the main side facing the gentle Son River. 

Fresh scenery at the resort (Photo: myduyen15_04)

Special design at Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh 

Doan Gia Resort Phong Nha  is designed in a modern and novel style that is both rustic and cozy and in harmony with nature. This place recreates a typical space of Hoi An Ancient Town . If you have not had the opportunity to come to Hoi An, here you can admire an architectural corner of this famous old town through the lens of a resort. 

Recreate the image of Hoi An Ancient Town 

The ancient Hoi An ancient town was “rebuilt” vividly with the image of grass lanterns hanging overhead, rows of tall buildings with familiar yellow tones. The atmosphere of the night market in the old town is displayed with stalls made from natural materials such as paintings, bamboo, … making visitors feel the warmth and romance of the nightlife. 

The scenery is so peaceful

The stalls are arranged along the banks of the Ha Loi stream, drawing a picture of the countryside filled with colors. Coming here, visitors will enjoy many local specialties in Quang Binh such as: filter cake, sow potato, snakehead fish soup, Ba Don cone, … and sit back and listen to the treatment of Minh Hoa medicine. wait Le Thuy, … infatuated with people. 

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Rooms at Doan Gia Resort Phong Nha 

Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh has a total of 25 smart bungalows, 22 hotels with the same style as Hoi An ancient town. All rooms are equipped with essential amenities to help guests have a good night’s sleep. 

Rooms at Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh 

The interior used is a smooth mix between the warm yellow-brown color of wood along modern amenities. The outside space further supports the harmony of the wooden houses. 

Rooms are equipped with necessary equipment 

What to eat when coming to Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh?

The restaurant space here is quite ancient, making visitors feel that when they arrive at the resort, they can enjoy exquisite and delicious meals in an ancient space. Here serves Asian – European dishes cooked by professional chefs. In addition, the restaurant also focuses on putting on the menu local dishes in the mountains of Phong Nha Ke Bang such as: sour soup of Son river carp, Sauteed Vegetables with Mushroom Beef, Phong Nha Carp Soup, Fish Mat Phong Turmeric leaf warehouse,… 

Cuisine at the resort

Facilities at Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh

From the rows of love trees created by many hearts to artificial hills, small stream banks, waterfalls, quadrilateral sightseeing houses on grassy hills,… all bring interesting experiences as well as places to keep. Beautiful check-in photos. 

(Photo: xiutiny)

The children will be immersed in the space of the fairy world at the children’s play area. Experience many water games with colorful small slides, sand games under the care and enthusiastic guidance of enthusiastic staff.

The amusement park at Doan Gia Resort Phong Nha 

In addition, visitors can participate in swimming in the oval swimming pool with the most modern water purification technology combined with movement games and enjoy cool cocktails by the minibar on the lake. 

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Resort Doan Gia Resort Quang Binh owns many special accents to hold tourists by design, space and services vary from … to each when traveling Quang Binh   many tourists miss GMT visit. 

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