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Crossing the Long Dai River and Tam Lu Waterfall in Quang Binh

Sitting on the boat of a good driver, you will feel like you are flying on white waves in the middle of the mountains.

Travel blogger Vinh Bear, whose real name is Le Viet Vinh, has just shared his journey to Long Dai River, Quang Binh province in early May. Although the trip was somewhat spontaneous, he still had many interesting experiences.

The Long Dai River originates from the Truong Son mountain range, passes through many rugged mountainous areas, and then flows to the plain, through many villages of Kinh and Van Kieu people in Truong Xuan, Xuan Ninh, and Hien Ninh communes, Quang Ninh district. , Quang Binh Province. From Dong Hoi city, Vinh and you travel about 70 km to reach the Long Dai River. The road is smoothly paved, the scenery is beautiful, the group takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to arrive.

Vinh and his friends started near the area of ​​Cay Su suspension bridge, moved by aluminum canoe, crossed shallow waterfalls into Truong Son commune, Quang Ninh district to reach Tam Lu waterfall.

Tam Lu waterfall is located upstream of Long Dai river, is the most beautiful waterfall among nearly 100 large and small waterfalls on this river. The waterfall has a length of about 100 m with 3 steps of white water rising up.

The feeling of sitting on a boat of a good driver and seeing yourself flying on white waves in the middle of the mountains is a memorable experience. “The nose of the canoe lifted up and slammed into the still water like a sheet is really interesting, must commend the skill of the boatman for his excellent skill”, Vinh expressed.

The image of a Kohler motorist with an aluminum canoe on the Long Dai river is likened to a “strong boatman”, because they must memorize each rock and the water of the whole river so that the boat does not hit the reef. The times they crossed Tam Lu waterfall, crossed the Long Dai river with them were not mentioned.

After crossing the rugged waterfalls, Vinh’s group stopped at a calm, shady shoreline to rest and began rowing SUP. Having rowed SUP in many different places, Vinh was quite impressed when experiencing on the Long Dai stream: “The surrounding space is large and majestic with towering mountains and green forests, the calm water surface a blue color. beautiful jade, cool lake water is great.”

During the time guests have fun on the river, the accompanying driver will cook and bake the chicken for lunch for the guests. The hot grilled chicken dish with spicy chili salt makes the travel blogger remember forever.

After resting, the group went down the Long Dai river back to the starting point, got on the bus back to Dong Hoi city and did not forget to enjoy a romantic sunset by the cassava hill along the way. Follow vnexpress

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