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Going to Quang Binh, remember to go upstream, go over the waterfall in Long Dai River – Tam Lu Waterfall

If you have the opportunity to travel to Quang Binh, do not forget to go to explore the Long Dai river – Tam Lu waterfall. This is definitely a trip with extremely interesting experiences when you get lost in the peaceful, rustic place of sunny and windy Quang Binh. 

Locating the location of Long Dai river – Tam Lu waterfall

Long Dai River – Tam Lu waterfall is a place in Quang Binh province. The river originates from the west of Truong Son mountain range, flows through Hien Ninh, Xuan Ninh, and Truong Xuan communes of Quang Ninh district, then merges with Kien Giang river bed, then flows into Nhat Le River and empties into the sea. The river is about 100km long with about 100 large and small waterfalls with high slopes and rolling water. 

Going to Quang Binh, remember to go upstream, go over the waterfall in Long Dai River – Tam Lu Waterfall
Long Dai River seen from above

The most prominent of the waterfalls in Long Dai River is Tam Lu waterfall. This is the most beautiful and highest waterfall with a height of more than 20m divided into 3 steps. The three steps of water falling down in a row are as beautiful as three tilted jars causing the water to fall, so the people named it Tam Lu waterfall. 

Tam Lu Waterfall

With blue water, majestic waterfalls, small villages looming on both sides, sometimes there are boats gliding on the river surface. All evoke a wild beauty but are extremely peaceful. Although not a famous place, Long Dai River – Tam Lu waterfall always attracts tourists from near and far to come to admire the scenery and challenge the exciting waterfall. 

The enchanting beauty of Long Dai River

History of the Long Dai River

Along with the Nhat Le river, the Long Dai river is also a place associated with the heroic history of fighting against foreign invaders of Quang Binh. It is unknown how many bullets and bombs fell from the enemy embankment here, full of vestiges of a fierce battle, showing the determination and patriotism of the people here. Long Dai River has two ferry terminals, the old Long Dai ferry terminal and the Quan Hau ferry terminal, which connect important routes in transporting people and goods to the front line. That is why this place has become a point of interception and fierce bombardment of the American army in order to cut off the supply lines of the North Vietnamese and its people to the South. Now, on every wharf, every inch of land is still imprinted with traces of a time of bombardment, arduous but very heroic smoke, and fire of Quang Binh’s army and people. 

(Photo: Lanna Pham)
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Interesting experiences in Long Dai river – Tam Lu waterfall

Nature view 

Long Dai River – Tam Lu waterfall has an extremely charming and poetic beauty that makes those who come here fall in love with that rare scene. Nature wears a wild coat with immense water, mountains, majestic waterfalls, rich trees. 

Long Dai River has a very charming shade 

Looming on both sides of the river, there are scattered houses nestled under the green space of trees. On the pine river, there are sometimes small boats passing by. Along the shore, there are also rocky mountains with all kinds of unique shapes. The scenery there is really liberal and peaceful. 

Around the river is a system of surrounding rocky mountains 

Crossing Tam Lu waterfall 

Tam Lu Waterfall is considered the most beautiful waterfall among more than 100 waterfalls on the Long Dai River. The waterfall is located upstream of the river. Crossing the Long Dai River – Tam Lu waterfall is an extremely attractive experience, especially for adventurous and challenging tourists. 

Tam Lu waterfall is an activity not to be missed

Sitting on the boat of the people, who have enough experience in crossing the waterfall, visitors will experience the feeling of flying on the rolling waves, white foam in the middle of the wild mountains. The nose of the canoe lifts, bends, sometimes goes up, sometimes goes down, giving you a feeling of suspense mixed with fear but extremely stimulating. After the process of crossing the waterfall, visitors will encounter beautiful peaceful and quiet life. 

The feeling of thrill and refreshment will be mixed in the process of crossing the waterfall 

Organize a BBQ party by the river

After watching the river, crossing the waterfall, do not forget to enjoy the specialty of grilled chicken with salt and pepper. Chicken has just been grilled until hot, dipped with spicy chili salt, and then eaten right in the middle of the vast space of mountains and rivers, is it really very attractive? 

Recharge more energy after exploring and conquering nature!

With wild and mysterious beauty, Long Dai River – Tam Lu waterfall is an attractive place that you should not miss in your journey to discover Quang Binh land. 

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