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Simple but delicious Quang Binh porridge soup

Quang Binh, the sunny and windy Central region, is not only famous for its system of majestic caves, white foaming waterfalls, poetic rivers, and charming beaches. In addition, when traveling to Quang Binh, you also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious culinary specialties that make many tourists fascinated. One of them that cannot be forgotten is Quang Binh porridge soup, a famous specialty of Quang.

Quang Binh porridge soup – the quintessential dish of the sunny and windy Central region 

Porridge soup is considered a symbol of Quang Binh cuisine. Anyone who is Quang Binh knows and loves this dish. Because this is the taste of the homeland, like Pho to the people of Hanoi. When visiting Quang Binh, do not forget to enjoy this special porridge soup. 

Simple but delicious Quang Binh porridge soup
Quang Binh porridge soup 

The clear white color of the flour fibers, the bright green color of scallions, the crispy yellow of the behavior, the crimson red of the chili peppers and the light yellow color of snakehead fish and meat, etc. Therefore, any Quang Binh person is far from his hometown. No matter how far away, how far apart, every time I have the opportunity to return to my hometown, I will forever remember the taste of porridge soup. 

Quang Binh soup cake has a delicious taste
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The unique taste of Quang Binh soup soup 

Porridge soup (Banh soup) is a fairly popular and popular dish. Depending on each region, Banh Chung will have its own identity. If in the South, there is Ben Co soup cake (Tra Vinh) that has distracted many diners, but in the Central region, Quang Binh soup makes those who have tasted it will remember it forever and want to come back. to eat again and again. 

This is a popular breakfast dish of the locals 

There are very few cookbooks that suggest how to make a delicious bowl of Quang Binh congee soup . Because it is quite simple in each stage, each seasoning. A pot of broth is cooked from sweet and fatty tube bones, add a few pieces of snakehead fish, shrimp, spring rolls, meat, … plus tough noodles and the last step is to add a little green cilantro and green onions. Just like that, this dish is very attractive and contains its own flavor. In each restaurant, restaurant or family, the process of making Banh Chung is different, not according to a specific recipe. 

Pancakes served with chopped vegetables

Just like pho in Hanoi, congee soup from Quang is attached to the people as an indispensable dish at breakfast. The only thing is that if pho will usually be sold all day from morning to night, Quang Binh porridge is almost sold only once. This specialty is also not sold densely throughout the streets like pho in the Capital, but is selected by prestigious and long-standing restaurants. 

This is the real taste of hometown 

Almost similar to the spirit of the people of Quang Binh who are sincere and rustic. In terms of form, Banh Canh is not decorated as sophisticated and eye-catching as Pho. The noodles are also quite rough, so the fibers are quite big and thick, not thin and soft like pho. Ingredients to eat with Quang Binh porridge soup are fresh shrimp, pork ribs or snakehead fish. If shrimp and pork ribs are marinated with spices, the cook will boil them in hot boiling water and then stir-fry with the behavior and shrimp until cooked. If using snakehead fish, after being boiled, the fish will be peeled, fried, seasoned with spices and then dropped into the boiling porridge pot. Thinly sliced ​​cilantro and onions will be sprinkled and brought out for guests to enjoy. 

Fresh onions and cilantro will be sprinkled on top

The important thing to make the taste of Quang Binh soup cake is the broth. The cook will use stewed pork bones to make the broth. There are also shrimp, fish, and bones that create a characteristic sweetness. The broth in the bowl of Quang Binh soup cake is quite thin, the color of crab meat is yellow, not thick like crab cake. 

Broth is yellow red

Porridge soup in Quang can not forget to mention ram (many places often call it spring rolls). This is an indispensable side dish when enjoying pancakes. Ram is made from minced pork, mixed with minced wood ear (cat’s ear mushroom), marinated with fish sauce, salt, onion, pepper powder, … and then brought to a pan of boiling oil to deep-fry. The smell of fried onions, the smell of crispy ram blends together to create a flavor that only Quang Binh porridge has.

The divine ram is served with banh cuon

One more secret to creating the attractiveness of banh chung here is a cup of spicy fish sauce that is prepared quite simply. Just add a little fish sauce, a few slices of pungent green chili pepper, and you have a perfect condiment. In addition to eating with ram, Quang Binh people also have the habit of eating with spring rolls, chopped vegetables, fried onions and especially red chili. 

Remember to use a little more spicy fish sauce!

Places to enjoy delicious Quang Binh porridge soup 

Here are some delicious porridge soup shops in Quang Binh that you can refer to: 

  • Seafood soup soup restaurant: No. 06 Le Quy Don, City. Dong Hoi.
  • Soup soup shop 75: D. Le Quy Don, City. Dong Hoi.
  • Suong Hong soup soup shop: 38 Nguyen Trai, City. Dong Hoi. 
  • Ba Hong soup soup shop: 51 Nguyen Huu Canh, City. Dong Hoi. 
  • Gia Bao soup soup restaurant: 8 Ly Thuong Kiet, City. Dong Hoi.
  • Shop 24: Hai Cave, City. Dong Hoi
  • Soup soup shop on Tran Nhan Tong Street, City. Dong Hoi. 
  • Soup soup shop 12 Ngo Quyen, City. Dong Hoi. 
  • O Huong Snakehead Fish Soup: 145 Phung Hung, City. Dong Hoi
  • Crab soup soup restaurant left Do Nhuan: at the back of Dong Hoi bus station
  • Quang Phu restaurant: located behind Quang Phu market

In Quang Binh, there are many places to enjoy prestigious porridge soup 

Coming to Quang Binh, you should choose for yourself a prestigious address to enjoy the famous Quang Binh porridge soup . Surely this dish will conquer the most fastidious people. 

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