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Eel porridge evokes hometown nostalgia

A warm bowl of Quang-style eel porridge with a fragrant aroma not only can win the hearts of diners, but also create nostalgia for the Quang people who live far from home.

Eel porridge is a renowned delicacy in the central region, where eel is in abundance and an easy-to-find ingredient. People usually catch many eels and share them with their neighbors.

According to folklore, eel is a nutritious food that is good for pregnant women, the elderly, and even children. The dish is both delicious and easy to prepare, so families often cook eel porridge for breakfast. The eel’s meat is tough, has a fatty taste and a characteristic aroma that is distinctive from other meats.

To cook the porridge, the cook will wash rice, pour it into a pot and cook until it is well done. In the meantime, he will boil live eel in a pot with salt. Next, he will use lemon juice to remove the mucus from its body, and wash it one more time with water. The cook then separates the eel flesh from its bones, marinates the flesh with some spices, and stir-fries the flesh with oil and minced garlic.

When the porridge is thoroughly cooked, add stir-fried eel into the porridge and seasoning until it meets your taste. Stirring the porridge constantly for about 10 minutes, sprinkle some black pepper, chopped green onions and fried onions on the top until the dish is ready to be served. It is recommended to enjoy eel porridge while it is still hot.

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