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The Nghe An people show how to cook enough standard Nghe eel dishes in the days of separation

In Saigon, even if you can’t find the standard ingredient, eel from Nghe An, with a few “pocket” secrets, it’s like you’ve returned to Nghe An to enjoy this famous dish.

Eel is a raw material for processing many delicious dishes, bold in Nghe An

When buying, pour the eel into the bowl, put a little salt in the shock to get all the slime on the eel’s skin. Then cut open the abdomen, remove the intestines, wash it, and then make all kinds of “delicious and sad” dishes.

“Delicious and delicious” eel porridge

The most popular is eel porridge. Eel after cleaning, marinated with spices. Unlike porridge in other regions, when cooking eel porridge in Nghe An, people often boil a little onion before putting the eel into a stir-fry.

Onion toothpicks make the dish more fragrant, and at the same time eliminate fishy. (In Saigon, there are still Nghe An people who bring home goods to sell online, so it’s not difficult to buy onions.) Then, sprinkle with pepper, fresh chili, and turmeric powder.

The Nghe An people show how to cook enough standard Nghe eel dishes in the days of separation

The bowl of eel porridge after stirring will produce a delicious taste and eye-catching color

When the meat is curved, it is just cooked. Do not over-fry. Cooking oil, eel meat and spices when combined on the fire will secrete a beautiful yellow juice mixture.

Nghe people often boil pork bones or beef bones cooked with clean eight fragrant rice to cook porridge. If you don’t have eight rice, use normal rice and a little sticky rice to bring out the aroma.

When the porridge is soft, let the fire simmer, scoop the porridge into a bowl, then scoop a portion of the mixture of eel meat and juice above into the bowl of porridge depending on each person’s portion.

Sprinkle in some pre-chopped scallions. When eating, stir with a spoon, the yellow color of turmeric, the mild pungent taste of chili and pepper, the soft and sweet taste of eel meat, and the fragrant flesh of the onion will make you feel like you are sitting at an eel shop from Nghe An and is enjoying one of the most famous dishes in Vietnam.

Nghe eel soup, eaten with bread or Banh chung is also a famous dish

Braised eel with rice

Those who do not like to eat porridge, the Nghe people have braised eel. Eel after cleaning, use a knife to soften the bones, then cut into pieces, marinate spices and braise with green bananas (with the thin outer skin removed).

When braised, put some freshly pounded turmeric before, squeeze the water into the braised pot, a little wine, both smell and remove fishy. Before eating, chop bay leaves, scallions, Chinese coriander, laksa leaves, and chili peppers. Eat only “dead” rice or vermicelli.

Charcoal-grilled eel

Grilled eel “didn’t fit either”

To make this dish, Nghe people peel the eel meat and remove all the bones. Cut the eel into pieces, use a ballast knife or use a hammer to crush the meat.

Then, marinate with paprika, pepper, salt, a little sugar, garlic, lemongrass (previously crushed). In particular, the standard grilled eel from Nghe An must be marinated with pork fat, not cooking oil.

Finally, put the eel pieces on the grill or the bamboo slats grilled on the charcoal stove. This dish is liked by many people, but the most favorite is the men, aiming with banana leaf cork wine.

Eel balls with guise leaves

More eel balls

Different from eel porridge and grilled eel, which must use medium or large eels as ingredients, Nghe people make use of small eels to make eel balls (some people call them to eel rolls).

After cleaning the eel, chop it (do not use a blender), then mix spices such as chili, turmeric, onion, garlic, lemongrass, less salt and less sugar, then roll into small balls, use coriander leaves or leaves Wrapped up, fried or grilled.

Fried eel with chili

Variation of fried eel with lemongrass and chili

Eel after cleaning, boneless, cut into bite-sized pieces, then marinated with spices (fish sauce, garlic, lemongrass, chili, onions, pepper).

Stir a little onion, garlic, lemongrass into the cooking oil, then put the eel in, stir until the eel is hunted again, then add the sliced ​​bay leaves or chopped cilantro or the banana tuber cut lengthwise into a medium length. , scroll through and then down. Some people like to stir-fry with bamboo shoots.

In addition, there are many other equally famous dishes, all derived from eel such as eel vermicelli, eel soup, minced eel shoveling rice paper, …

Stir-fried eel with banana. Follow Tuoi Tre