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5 delicious Tuyen Quang snacks

Referring to Tuyen Quang, people often immediately remember delicious and attractive dishes. In particular, the following Tuyen Quang snacks will help you freely explore the culinary world of this Northwestern mountainous region in the most complete way.

There are many famous specialties here, so when traveling to Tuyen Quang , you can not only admire the scenery but also enjoy many other attractive dishes. 

1. Ice cream 81 – the famous Tuyen Quang snack 

5 delicious Tuyen Quang snacks
Ice cream 81 is the famous snack dish of Tuyen Quang

Everybody likes ice cream when it comes to ice cream. Especially eating in the summer or winter is very suitable. In Tuyen Quang, there is a famous delicious dish that anyone who comes to enjoy once said it is ice cream 81. 

This is exactly the name of the ice cream parlor. Since when did this ice cream shop exist, no one knows exactly. But for a long time, this restaurant has been associated with many generations of 8x, 9x and even 10x are also very familiar with this snack bar. 

This ice cream just looks fascinated

The ice cream here has a very special taste, you will love it once you eat it. Therefore, although there are many snacks selling ice cream, ice cream shop 81 is still the most popular destination. Although not a new dish, ice cream 81 is always considered a famous snack of Tuyen Quang. If you have a chance, come here to enjoy this delicious ice cream. 

Remember to visit this first ice cream shop 81. The taste of this ice cream shop will never be mixed with any ice cream shop.

2. Delicious rice rolls

Referring to Tuyen Quang’s snacks, it is impossible not to mention rice rolls

Referring to Tuyen Quang snacks without mentioning rice rolls, it is flawed. This is a famous dish of this northwestern mountainous region. The feature of this roll dish is in the sauce.

For the August rolls, you will enjoy the dipping cake with dipping sauce made from the ingredients of the bone stew, so the taste is very rich and natural. When eating with rice rolls, you will feel how special the flavor of this dish is? It is different from rolls in other places. Anyone who eats will feel the charm of this wild mountain flavored dish. Therefore, visitors often spread each other’s ears to Tuyen Quang without enjoying the rice rolls, it is regrettable. It can be said that this is a famous dish of this land. 

In addition to the banh cuon Thang Tam, Tuyen Quang also has a cake at the intersection of Tam Co Market, which is also very famous. The rice rolls here are processed a little differently. The filling inside is wood ear with minced meat. When eaten with skewers will create a great taste that is hard to resist. In particular, not only delicious but the price of this dish is also very affordable. You can be full without the fear of spending too much money. 

This is a rustic dish that is very popular with teenagers. Especially eating in the morning or after finishing hours after school or work will be very appropriate. It will help you have more energy to relieve all stress, fatigue every day. 

This dish is very different from Thanh Tri rolled cake in Hanoi or elsewhere. Therefore, among Tuyen Quang snacks , the cake is always one of the most popular dishes.

For the spring rolls, the filling is made from pork raised by the people here. This breed of pig is very delicious and meaty, so when combined with wood ear fungus, shiitake mushrooms and forming a member will be very delicious and attractive. In addition, this specialty dish also attracts visitors because the sauce is very delicious. It is thanks to this special sauce that the Tuyen Quang rolls make a strong impression on visitors.

3. Xuan Rau skewers of grilled meat

Grilled meat skewers are delicious dishes that you must definitely enjoy when you have the opportunity to travel here

Hearing the delicious hot grilled skewers in Tuyen Quang, people will immediately mention Xuan Rau skewers. Why mention Xuan Rau because the answer will be right after you come here and enjoy this barbecue? Make sure you will love watching. Because this dish is not only delicious but also extremely attractive. After being fully seasoned with honey, bacon will cook golden aromatic. 

It looks delicious because its color is also very eye-catching. Not to mention its rich taste will make you remember forever.

4. Baking rice paper 

Grilled rice paper is a famous delicacy of this northern mountainous region

This dish is both fancy and delicious. Therefore, those who love junk food should not ignore this delicious dish. This is also one of Tuyen Quang’s most popular snacks . This rice paper with shrimp and meat will be very delicious. Especially when dipping with fish sauce will be very flavorful.

Therefore, this will be a delicious street food that you absolutely do not miss. A lot of people feel addicted to this snack in Tuyen Quang. Because it gives you the richest feelings about the culinary world of Tuyen Quang .

5. Fragrant pork-leg porridge dish

Leg gallon porridge is a nutritious dish not only delicious but also very good for health

Talking about it is love and like it is the soup of the Tuyen Quang people. This dish has a natural sweet taste, so it will be delicious. Do you visit the porridge shop on the opposite side of the Tuyen Quang province police. There is a very delicious and attractive porridge shop here. Certainly, when you come here you will feel satisfied by this dish deliciously delicious. It will warm diners’ hearts so that they can continue their trip to Tuyen Quang.

Above are 5 famous Tuyen Quang snacks that you should refer to when you have the opportunity to travel here. Wish you have a really fun and comfortable trip when you come here to explore.